If Kai Was My Man

Just saw this reallyyyyyyyyy cute video of a kid named Kai Langer on Ellen. Here you go! You’ll drown in his cuteness… I know I did!



Dance On Trailer

So today, I just enrolled in Orange Dance Studio a.k.a it’s the first time in 5 years that I’ll be joining a dance workshop, or should I say, “funshop”. Lols but to explain that, I took piano lessons in place of dancing so it’s safe to say that I missed it so much! I stopped dancing in school for a while too bec. I can’t do stunts (so I’m planning to learn this summer too!) and for some of you who’ve been checking out my tweets in the past years, I injured my knee and it was pretty bad. Enough about that!!! Let’s all support the-voice-in-my-head-on-the-internet,Β Kingsley and my clone, Elle! I’m definitely watching them when I get back from Batangas!


Pumped Up Maybe

Here’s something my Ats shared with me on my wall today! A few weeks back, I shared a Tayfron (oh gosh nooo) video on my twitter (so if you saw it, lucky you!) and here’s the continuation! Singing their own version of “Pumped Up Kicks”, please welcome Zac Perfection Efron and Taylor Goddess Swift!

This next video stars The Hunger Games, Ashley Tisdale, Selena Gomez, friends, and others (a.k.a Justina)


Kids React + My Reaction

So I just watched this video called KIDS REACT TO REBECCA BLACK and hatin’ on this girl wasn’t the only thing that I became interested in…

HUHU I feel like a pedoooo. BUT I’M NOT. HAHA. So there. And yup, I was in my jammies. Weekend’s over and it’s time to go back to reality called school. Sleeping now so, adios!

Landon and I thank you for your time…Β 



I love watching short films! And I just saw this one just now actually πŸ™‚ Amazing what google can do huh? It could lead you to amazing stories like this one that can change your perspective on certain things. This short film shows us that everything has it’s time and when that moment arrives, grab it and don’t let it go. As some people would say, “Good things come to those who wait” πŸ˜‰ Enjoy! x


I just got back home from my interview at Mega. They said I had good qualifications, it’s good that I’m very active in my school and that I read their magazines. I only had one problem: I’m still in high school. They might make me an intern by May once the college girl intern is done with her hours and such. As I said, there’s a time for everything and maybe since I’m still in high school, I should be focusing on school first, aka review classes. Good things come to those who wait! Good thing I saw this video πŸ™‚ Enjoy the rest of your day! x

Nothing Left Unsaid

Another youtube sensation, Kurt Schneider, and his amazing talent graces us with this awesome video he made when he graduated. I love his youtube channel and I even downloaded some of his songs by his partner, Sam Tsui, who is also crazily talented. If you like the song at the end (which is an original song by the way ;)) you may download it here πŸ™‚

This video goes out to all SENIORS 2011 x