Wake Me Up When September

…starts airing my favorite shows!!! Some of my highly anticipated shows are returning in late September and on October. Since I’ve been super M.I.A. at blogging and focused more of my attention on college, my friends and tv series are keeping me sane. I haven’t even shopped in forever and the last movie I watched was The Bourne Legacy (yikes that was forever ago). At least, I can still say that I “have a life” bec. of these shows! Yehey!!! Sembreak is coming up so be prepared for bombarding blog posts and I will drown myself in relaxation and marathons. Wee! Super sorry for being absent the past month. I promise to keep updating in October!!! Tee hee. Thank you still for those who drop by everyday. I really appreciate it πŸ™‚

The Vampire Diaries

Grey’s Anatomy



Once Upon A Time

+ excited for How I Met Your Mother, Modern Family and Community!!!

P.S. PLL and Awkward were uhhhhmazing! Glee finally returned! Yey! Watch the promo for 4×03 here.


It’s Friday, Friday. Gotta Get Down On These Shows

I am about to burst out of my freaking Friday bubble. The Vampire Diaries, Community and Grey’s Anatomy are the top 3 shows people look forward to on Fridays (here in Manila) or on Thursdays (everywhere else, I guess). And their recent episodes made me squeal so many times but has left me speechless. I have so many guesses and scenarios in my head, so why don’t we look at these promos and spoilers to get a bit of that uncertainty off our minds until next week.

The Vampire Diaries 3×21 promo + spoilers

On the last few episodes (dayuuuuum I’m gonna dieeeeeeeee):

1. There will be a group funeral scene again… hopefully it’s Alaric or Bonnie… or that Jamie guy. If Klaus + Tyler die, I will kill Bonnie/Jamie’s character myself.

2. We’ll still be seeing more of Meredith but no Katherine. Producers say that they’ll only bring Katherine back if Klaus dies (makes sense). Shems this is like a major conflict of interest for me bec. I hate Elena and I want Katherine back but I don’t want Klaus to die… #majorlifechoices

3. We’ll (finally!!!) discover which original our fave vampires, Stefan, Caroline, Rose, Katherine, and Damon, originated from. So I guess they’re bringing back Scary Mary.

4. Klaus will find out that Tyler isn’t sired to him anymore! (YEY and OH NO)

5. Bros over hoes for the Salvatore brothers! Yeeeey! But since Elena is making everything about her, she’s thinking more of who she’s letting go instead of who she’s keeping. Slut.

6. Dreamy, I mean Jeremy isn’t safe from the curse of the ring. I hate you Esther.

7. Season 4 will be about moving to college life and choosing the right schools or whatever. But I guess Stefan and Caroline will feel left behind because um, they’ll be 17 forever and they can’t go to college without people noticing that.


Grey’s Anatomy 8×22 promo

Why is Jackson extremely hot? I am slapping Kepner.

Community killed off sumbodeh

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RIP STARBURNS. (If you didn’t already know that he died) He was Greendale’s drug dealer, and sadly, it ended up being the death of him. The victim of a meth lab explosion in the trunk of his car, Starburns and his weird ways will be missed. source

How I Spent My Friday:

Anyway, before I left home today, I watched the recent episodes of these shows! It was scorching hot so my friend, Gela,Β and I decided to grab some milk tea before our training in ODS. After intense practice and working out, we had dinner at Kimono Ken! It was fun girla! ‘Til our next bonding day! Say hello to our post training looks! Sorry for unleashing our inner jej in that last pic. Tee hee.

P.S. Have you guys seen my college schedule for my first sem of my freshman year? Can someone say el terible?


Coachella 2012 Post 2

It’s suuuuuuuper hot here in Manila! But what’s hotter than some awesome music + flaw free celebrities at the hottest music festival? Here are more celebs spotted at Coachella!

Lea Michele and Lauren Conrad

Lea Michele

Lauren Conrad and Shawn Pyfrom

Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder

Emma Watson

Emma Watson and Lily Collins

Michelle Tratchenberg

Jessica Stroup

Camilla Belle

Whitney Port

Jamie Chung

Mischa Barton

Fergie and Josh Duhamel



The Vampire Diaries 3×09 Promo

MID-SEASON FINALE – It’s almost that time of the year! Huhu 😦 Next week in TVD’s “The Homecoming” episode, bamf Elijah will be returning! YEY! Anyway, I’ll be watching the latest episode later after I run some errands. I’m pretty sure it’ll be worth the wait. Lol. Sorry for being M.I.A this week but not to worry! It’s a Friday again so HOW AWESOME IS THAT? TVD! TVD! TVD! #chantwithme wait, let me explain (lol) The Vampire Diaries airs here in Manila every Friday, that’s why I’m super hyped up, not just because I’m “looking forward to the weekend”. Anyway, here we go!




The Vampire Diaries 3×08 Promo

Style tips and BTS of my favorite vampire-ghost. #bringannabacktolife

The Vampire Diaries Stakeout: Character Analysis

CLICK HERE for the photo recap of last night’s episode

‘Ghost Town’ was such a good episode. After watching it the first time, I literally watched it again. And yes, I cried both times. SO SAD. I really want Anna to become human if that’s at all possible. A lot of people actually want that and *ehem* dear screenwriters, if you’re reading this, plzzzzz give people what they want (WHICH IS TO RESURRECT ANNA!!!) so that everyone will be happy. K thanks bye. x



SUBIC 2011 + Parties + TV Series Promos

SUBIC 2011

The reason why I’ve been super M.I.A. (missing in Armani. Loljk) is because I was super busy with school (I’m talking about having only around two hours of sleep per night! Okay fine, four hours max per night) Last week, I went to school for only three days. From October 20-22, my RC girls and I decided to hit Subic for some rest and recreation. Funny thing though, still slept late during these nights and woke up early to do FUN FUN FUN FUN stuff. Anyway, we stayed at Triboa Bay Villa 3 and here are some snap shots!

We had the most amazing view…

Walking on the rocks to get to the sandy part of the bay was suuuper hard! Even bruised myself. HUHU. Of course I’m the one with the really high bun. HAHA! As always.

Don’t worry. We swam further. HAHA

After being in salty water (lol) we hit the pool!

We also watched movies, played games/sports, ate amaaazing food (drooling), etc. It was fun girls! Let’s do it again soon!

Anyway, some of us had to drive back to Manila earlier because we had to attend some events.


I had to go to a debut that Saturday evening and the next day was my little sister’s 7th birthday party. Here are some pics!

Here’s the celebrant! Crizelle, guuurl you are fabulous. Did I also mention that her debut was at the Sofitel? RK! loool

I love these girlies…

Here’s the only photobooth scan I have so far. WHERE ART THOU OTHERS? Oh well, posting it when I find them. Oh and YES, I’m one of the very few who decided not to wear make-up, fix their hair or put effort into the outfit. LOOOL. Mind you that I came from Subic and I had around thirty minutes to prepare. Wooo!

Last but not the least, my little sis celebrated her 7th birthday party at Mcdonalds the next day, October 23. Not putting any party photos though ’cause I’m not in them. Haha! I was with my super close cousins, so. We were super funny!