Pretty Little Liars 2×24 Promo

OMG 2 more weeks before we find out who A is! I swear, if the producers decide to cut the end of the season with only the Liars knowing who A is… Imma cut myself… a piece of cake. Sneak Peeks are here too! Wee! So Excited! Enjoy!

AHHH if Jenna’s (well, at least right) eye can see, they be screwed.

Oh and Wrencer is probably the only thing I want most in every episode as of forever ago.Β x


Once Upon A Time 1×06 Promo

I AM SUPER FAST. HAHA. I JUST NEED THIS NEXT EPISODE IN MY LIFE ALREADY, SO. I’m about to watch this week’s episode and I heard it’s really good! Dibs on Prince Charming. But OMG, I super ship Snow White and Prince Charming. If they don’t get back together soon… well Kathryn you better pray they do or else -___- lol. So excited! Anyway, enjoy!