These Clips Won’t Embed, So.

So on this blog, not all clips can be embedded so sadly, I’ll just link to you guys the places where you need to be! Okay I know that sounds like an overstatement but they’re must see previews ๐Ÿ˜‰

Why We Love Grey's AnatomyI cannot wait for Grey’s Anatomy to come back but I’m not really sure about what to think on their musical episode. Seems wrong and…. awkward. Blll. Shaking that thought off for now. CLICK HERE for the promos!

SCREAM 4 has three new clips and if you wanna check it out, CLICK HERE.


PS The Skins Series 5 ending was awesome and I cannot wait ’til I get to watch them again… LOL that’ll be next year though. Anyway, I’d just like to share with you guys the things I learned about SKINS this year.

Hell yeah I learned a lot from them ๐Ÿ˜‰

SKINS 5×08 – 2 Promos

Last night’s episode was one of the few things that turned my day around. Like, DAMN. I loved it so so much. Actually if I really think about it, I loved every single episode! This series was amazing. No doubt ๐Ÿ™‚ Anyway, I cannot believe that it’s over! I DIE. It’s just like Misfits, only the wait for that is much worse for me. Tee Hee. Cannot wait! x

UK SKINS 5×04 and 5×05 – Promo Stills

Okay, we all love the UK skins cast right? Well, maybe not much on these two… but I’m hoping things will turn around! I don’t like hating a member of any Skins gang. So anyway, here are their episode stillsย or whatever.

5×04 “Liv”

5×05 “Nick”

Okay, so I propose that Liv is actually homeless or whatever (explains a lot… especially her clothing) and I’m guessing too that Nick is some psycho perfectionist cheater boyfriend person. So. (none of what I said is true. Well, it might be. Lol. Just my thoughts, clear? :))

Anyway, here are some spoilers from the cast! WEE!

1. If you’re hoping for more of those good old Skins elements, you’ll be pleased to hear that this episode involves sex and alcohol. And vomiting.

2. Some of the characters play a strip version of ‘I Have Never’.

3. Franky and Mini might not always be enemies.

4. “Stop being ******* so we can all be *******.”ย I believe this is from the clip where Grace yells at Mini & Liv

5. One couple gets together. Oh, and two other characters hook up, but one of them is already attached to someone else.ย OMG GRACE & RICH 4EVA PLEASE

6. Clare Grogan appears as Mini’s mother, who happens to have a rather active sex life. And Kelly Brook plays Mini’s ruthless fitness instructor.

7. “I still **** you but I am the only one so **** ** before you’ve *** ** ***.”

8. Remember that mysterious guy Franky met? He’s back – but only for about 30 seconds.ย Matty should be in every scene. Just standing there.

9. Professor Blood is also back (hurrah!) and he’s complaining about “foolish nonsensery”.ย Thomas, I am going to…EXPEL YOU.

10. Someone faints.

stills source

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UK SKINS 5×03 – 3 New Promos

Episode 3 and itโ€™s the turn of Miss Mini McGuinness. Mini is the Queen Bee at Roundview, right? But sheโ€™s feeling under threat when Grace brings her new bf Franky to the charity fashion show meeting. What to do, hmmmm? She ends up sacking them both, she hasnโ€™t time for ‘friends’ like Grace.ย Despite appearances, her relationship with Nick isn’t the idyllic power partnership everyone might think it is. In short, Nick doesn’t want to wait for sex. Mini struggles to keep control while Liv is typically reckless. How will Mini keep it all together? Will she manage to keep her spot at the top?


Oh and Rich’s episode last night was absolutely flawless. I LOVE HIM, I LOVE THEM! Well, umm… except for Liv and I have no thoughts on that Matty guy yet so. THIS SERIES IS AMAZING! x