AWKWARD. Series 3 Coming Up

Yey!!! It actually took less than a year this time which is super cool! TBH, I’m getting really frustrated with how Jenna can’t stick to one guy for more than a school year, I mean, come on. Anyway, here’s the promo for series 3 which will premiere on Tuesday/Wednesday!


It’s All Fun And Games Until There’s Intuition In The Crocodile

Okay, so the title really doesn’t make any sense, but it seems like these days, everything is going a little bit crazy. For one, IT’S MY SEMESTRAL BREAK! Finally! I’ve been waiting for it since the start of the year! Tee hee! To start it off, I had a day/night out with my group of friends in college by hitting the mall to watch a movie and go window shopping, then later at night, we went food tripping in Mercato. I also got a henna there! Then from Monday-Tuesday, the org in which I belong too and I went to Fontana in Pampanga. Updates (slash rants) are constantly found in my twitter. Anyway, enough about me (well, one of these days. Hehe) Let’s move on to the promos for next week! I can’t wait!!!


Silver having to choose between Liam and Navid is really getting on my nerves. Navid was the clear choice but she broke his heart and now he’s a douche. Great. Liam on the other hand has become some sort of criminal; burning buildings to the ground and pushing people to the ground. What is up with that? I’m pretty sure Vanessa is still alive because you can’t kill a devil, especially if you’ve made a deal with it. Annie needs to straighten Liam out because let’s face it, they’re the perfect couple. Well, next to Naomi and Max. Which reminds me, Max needs to get a haircut asap or else I’m thinking that he became gay in college and hooked up with his business partner (whose name I can’t remember bec. he’s so damn irrelevant) I honestly think that Adrianna should get it back on with Taylor bec. damn, he’s super fine. Dixon was a real tool and he became a bigger one after the accident. I can honestly say that I was ready for him to die. WTF happened?! He should stop complaining and be thankful he’s alive bec. the three other guys he was with didn’t survive. Just work harder at the physical therapy center. Oh and Teddy, please don’t leave. 90210 is so awesome but the characters are so damn stupid. I guess that’s what I like about it. Woks.



Once Upon A Time

The whole parent-child scenes really moved me. I cried so much with Charming and mother, Snow and Emma (especially when Snow was looking at the room and reminisced about how it looked before), and Jefferson and Grace (especially them). Cue in my best friend Kleenex. It was such a good episode! And look at the promo for next week! Captain Hook is so damn flawless OHEM.


Wake Me Up When September

…starts airing my favorite shows!!! Some of my highly anticipated shows are returning in late September and on October. Since I’ve been super M.I.A. at blogging and focused more of my attention on college, my friends and tv series are keeping me sane. I haven’t even shopped in forever and the last movie I watched was The Bourne Legacy (yikes that was forever ago). At least, I can still say that I “have a life” bec. of these shows! Yehey!!! Sembreak is coming up so be prepared for bombarding blog posts and I will drown myself in relaxation and marathons. Wee! Super sorry for being absent the past month. I promise to keep updating in October!!! Tee hee. Thank you still for those who drop by everyday. I really appreciate it 🙂

The Vampire Diaries

Grey’s Anatomy



Once Upon A Time

+ excited for How I Met Your Mother, Modern Family and Community!!!

P.S. PLL and Awkward were uhhhhmazing! Glee finally returned! Yey! Watch the promo for 4×03 here.


The More, The Merrier: Pretty Little Liars Season 3 New Stuff

I am oh so happy that Pretty Little Liars is returning soon! To be honest, since I’m a tv-junkie, I didn’t really notice how fast time went by (because PLL is returning in less than a month!) since I was busy drowning in tears with the other season finales of my fave shows. Ehem who didn’t cry in Grey’s Anatomy right? And How I Met Your Mother… wtf I’m still betting that my ship will sail *ted and robin ted and robin ted and robin* 90210 was flawless. Pure awesomeness *max and naomi max and naomi max and naomi* Now that most of my other fave shows are gone for the meantime, I have PLL! Hoorah! More on season 3 here and here!

I like the new look of Hanna and… not yet sure for Aria’s.

Hello there my beautiful Wren.

Um excuse you but who are you?

Who thinks that Ezra is part of the A-team???





Glad that Jason is back! Btw, why is Holden still here? Hmm… A-TEAM!!! Loljk I just treat everyone as a suspect so, forgive me for jumping into conclusions. Haha.

Spencer’s dad is such a dilf.

New guy named Nate… is he blind? Serious question. He’s with Jenna so, here I am again jumping into conclusions. Haha.