Style Savvy: Rebecca Wang

On the spotlight: Rebecca Wang‘s style is your not-so-typical everyday wear. It’s clean and chic but never over the top. The outfits she puts on are definitely head turners but you wouldn’t question it for a second. I love how she would seem to have a normal day, sometimes feeling lazy, but she doesn’t compromise the name of fashion. Get inspired!

Zara Skirt, Zara Heels, Chanel Bag
Jeffery Campbell Foxy Wood, House Of Harlow Necklace, Sweater, Moschino Belt, Proenza Schouler Bag, Marc By Marc Jacobs Bangle, Bdg Shorts
Chanel Scarf, Urban Outfitters Sweater, Asos Maxi Skirt, Michael Kors Bag, Aldo Sandals
H&M Jacket, H&M Bag, Topshop Pants, Asos Necklace
Zara Blazer, Vintage Top, American Apparel Belt, Proenza Schouler Bag, Jeffery Campbell Sandals

Style Savvy: Jenny Ong

ON THE SPOTLIGHT: Jenny from the block, hence her blog title, has been such a fashion inspiration to me for quite some time now. She is very gorgeous (her hair is to die for!) and has great fashion sense. She takes really good photos and I just love reading her blog so much! If there would be one word to describe her style, it would be free – free to express her personality through her clothes, free to try whatever style she wants and not letting trends or anything tie her down, and free to just be. Get inspired!

Guess wedges - denim skinnies sold design lab jeans - Forever 21 hat

suede westii Steve Madden wedges - olive green Forever 21 shorts - Topshop socks

red tulle Chicwish dress - Jeffrey Campbell shoes

black Dolce Vita boots - cheetah-print cotton on blazer - black stirrup Target t

leather strappy Nine West sandals - Forever 21 sweater - leather vintage bag

teal silk polkadot VJ Style dress - black clutch VJ Style bag - vintage clogs


The Voice Foundation + Selena Gomez

I love Selena Gomez (especially when she doesn’t have that fetus attached to her hip). Her humor, sense of style, and her willingness to give back are just some of the qualities I admire in her. It’s amazing how she’s 18 years old, a worldwide personality, and an inspiration to many (not like those other 18 year olds… ehem) Anyway, that video you just saw up there ⇈ is for Ryan Seacrest’s foundation called The Voice. Giving back is soooooo important and I wanna share that video ⇈ to everybody and maybe influence others to do the same in their own little way.

Here’s a bonus post about Selena Gomez being cool

Selena Gomez and I thank you for your time…


Style Savvy: Maddinka

ON THE SPOTLIGHT: Maddinka‘s style blew me away the first time I discovered her. To be honest, I’ve been following her chictopia account for so long but I haven’t had the time to make a new style savvy feature. Someone was supposed to go before her but I got excited blogging about her! Anyway, her style is like a breath of fresh air. The trends right now are kind of weird for me (like trash couture… I mean what the hell does that even mean?) but her style is effortlessly chic 🙂 Two thumbs up! Get inspired!

black Romwecom dress - tawny Romwecom bag - tawny Deichmann sandals

romwe dress - Chicwish blazer - romwe bag

black H&M dress - red vintage bag - black Promod sandals

neutral Romwecom shirt - turquoise blue Romwecom bag - aquamarine H&M necklace

red Deichmann shoes - black Romwecom jacket - green Zara skirt

eggshell chicwishcom bag - cream H&M t-shirt - light blue pakamerapl necklace -

bronze vintage bag - salmon romwe top - beige Love skirt

turquoise blue bag - coral top - black H&M skirt


Chris Colfer – One of TIME Magazine’s 100 Most Influential

Chris Colfer

Chris has wanted to be an actor, as he says, “since I was an embryo,” which gave him the determination to say, “Yes, I can,” despite the many who had said no. Chris, 20, lives by extreme truth, speaking out against the epidemic of bullying that he, too, faced in high school. The honesty that he infuses into his Glee character, Kurt, leaves you reeling. Our cast is blessed to hear things like “Your character has helped me through this, or helped me do that,” but none more so than Chris. To witness the power he gives to his audience firsthand? It’s wonderful.


I read the whole list at my bestie’s place last weekend and I really wanted to talk about Chris Colfer! 🙂

I liked Glee’s latest episode and I’d simply shove the haterzzz to the left 🙂 Oh and, I want this shirt! HAHA or the “Can’t Sing” one that Mike Chang was wearing. I love how open Kurt’s character is, as well as the man behind the fictional character. Chris Colfer is true and genuine in so many ways. The story of his life growing up and his sister’s touched me so much that it makes me feel like I, too, can do anything. I just have to love myself first and the rest will fall in line 🙂 Anyway, WHOO! AGAIN, I WANT THIS SHIRT! HAHA