Viaje Del Sol 2014 Post 3


From Liliw, we traveled next to Lake Pandin wherein we rode a raft to cross to the pathway leading to Lake Yambu. They served us ginataan and fresh coconut juice. I loved this part of the trip because it was breezy and the views were amazing. I thought I was somewhere in the amazon!

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Because I was live blogging on my twitter and instagram + had music during the car ride, I slowly lost my battery! Good thing Kuya Jim brought his portable Bavin charger!

DSC05476 DSC05477 DSC05478 DSC05485

Lake Pandin


Lake Yambu


With Kuya Jim! This was our second trip together after Cavinti. He’s my super traveler idol!

DSC05482 DSC05486 DSC05487

After our trip to both lakes, we had our well-deserved dinner at Sulyap Gallery Cafe. The ambiance and the food were so amazing that I would definitely go back there just to eat their dishes again. I had beef sirloin in red wine sauce with mango shake and half of Kuya Jim’s best-seller dish. Afterwards, we unfortunately had to end our road trip day and say our good-byes.

20140705_190839 DSC05491 DSC05492 DSC05493 DSC05496


  • Breakfast at Casa Vida by Lake Sampaloc + tour of town

  • Ugu Bigyan Potter’s Garden

  • Lunch + tour at Sitio de Amor

  • Nagcarlan Underground Cemetery

  • Shopping at Tsinelas st. in Liliw Laguna

  • Rafting + merienda at Lake Pandin

  • Trekking to view of Lake Yambu

  • Dinner at Sulyap Gallery Cafe

My road trip for Viaje del Sol was only part 2 of my last summer hurrah. Last July 4, 2014, I attended the eighteenth birthday party of one of my really good friends, Mojah. You looked stunning girl! I enjoyed that night with my friends and previous blockmates who I won’t be seeing much of anymore because of the shuffling. I got home at around 2am, took a shower, and had a short nap before my trip at 5am. I thought it would be hard to go to sleep with wet hair and alcohol in my system but I was wrong. Haha. Blackout bar knocked me out but good thing I was still about to wake up in time for my trip. Wishing for more nights like these with my friends!!! A new chapter of adventures await and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for me.



The early birds! We were the first ones to arrive… we even got there before the debutant did in her dressing room.


The only shots I promised I would take that night. What happened.

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My friends and I with the gorgeous debutant!

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My Mini Holy Week Missions

This is the first time in three years that I’m spending Holy Week in the city since I usually went to missions (click here to get a glimpse of my previous missions: 2011 2012 2013). Because of my EIC duties, I had to stay behind and just attend church activities at Christ the King parish, which has somehow filled the void in my heart for missing missions. Today, my family and I decided to pick an orphanage and give back some of the blessings we have received. We went to Tahanan ng Pagmamahal and it was very fulfilling. I got to play with the babies, meet the young boys and girls, fed them cupcakes and juice packets, and donated essentials that the orphanage specified, which made our grocery shopping yesterday a lot easier. We weren’t allowed to take pictures of the kids because it’s part of the children protection program. They also just transferred to this home and the place was really nice 🙂 Hoping everyone also has a meaningful holy week!

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Two Is Better Than One


If there’s one word to describe this past year, it would be crazy! Cue in cleverness since “Call Me Maybe” was a big hit in 2012 🙂 Anyway, so many things have happened to me but through whatever, this blog (+++ others hehe) have kept me sane. I also appreciate you guys, my dear readers, who come back for updates and of course, to fangirl with me. Last year, I got a record of 13k+ blog viewers for my first year. For 2012, it jumped to almost 30k+! Here’s to more years to come filled with laughter, happiness, sometimes drama, and a whole lot of fun!!! Thanks for everything!

Photo 1861Thanks for bearing with me through all my craziness! Tee hee 🙂 x

2,500 Views In November

It’s the last day of November and we’ve got 25 days before Christmas! I really appreciate all the love even though I’ve been M.I.A. the entire month.




This month has been a real challenge. I had to run so many errands for Therapeutic Currents, the official publication of UST CRS since I’m the new associate editor. I had to study everyday because it’s already the second semester and I was a real slob last sem. I felt lonely/depressed from Nov. 17-22, partly because my family wasn’t able to visit me that Saturday and I was by myself in the condo. Went drinking 3 times this month and the first one gave me a really bad hangover, which lasted for a day actually.

I need to blog soon or else I’ll go crazy! But when I checked the views, I felt really happy and grateful. I promise to update soon!!! First shifting exams are coming up so wish me luck! x

Holy Week Missions 2012 ♥

The only muscle I workout is the heart.

MISSIONS – It truly is the best way to spend holy week. This year, our group was twice the size as last year’s a.k.a yey to more friends and hearts who are on fire! Anyway, on to the quote above, we had this promo pic wherein the boys say that they workout bec. the heart is a muscle too. Well in my case, I don’t workout at all plus I love food so riddle that (I am a hippo) Reaching out and touching so many lives not only enriches the souls of the people you meet but also your own. This year, we went back to Lipa, Batangas and hello to my yearly t-shirt tan! Tee hee. All worth it for souls! Some of the girls will be going to Tingloy, Batangas next year for missions and I can’t wait for that!




This past week, not only was I drowning in school work but I was also very much drowning in tears. Why? A few weeks ago, I watched a clip from MTV’s only awesome show called AWKWARD. Last Sunday, I suddenly decided to watch from episode 1. Now, I am an emotional wreck. I haven’t cried this much since Deathly Hallows Part 2 (lol)! I was obsessing. Like, a lot. After I did all my school work, I watched half the season per night (aka I watched it for two nights. TWELVE EPISODES ONLY FOR SERIES 1? UGH) Thank God they’re going to have a second season. YEY! This show is both (super super super) funny and heartbreaking at the same time. Also, the best parts of this show are MATTY & JAKE. OMG MARRY ME.



First Chapter: Welcome To Pottermore!

Ever since I found out that I would be included in the lucky 1 million people for early selection into Pottermore, I checked my gmail every single day. Today, oh my golly finally, I received my acceptance letter 🙂 #SHAKINGANDCRYING I have been waiting for an entry into Hogwarts since I was 7!!! Haha! For those who have to wait until October, I’m telling you guys – it’s so worth the wait.

I won’t be spoiling because the uncertainty of what’ll happen next is just thrilling! I LOVE IT ♥ While reading the first few mini-chapters, I couldn’t help but feel like crying because I could picture the whole thing in my head all over again… OH MEMORIES. I was in the middle of doing my homeworks, but what the hell! HAHA!

Being in the cupboard under the stairs in Pivet Drive, shopping in Diagon Alley, rushing to find Platform 9 3/4, and being sorted in the Great Hall – Pottermore has kept the magic. I’m looking forward to the other adventures stored for us! Feel free to add me!