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Sadly, I haven’t been catching up on Chuck ๐Ÿ˜ฆ but I do promise to get the dvd when its out! I’m just so caught up in so much school work! Thank God I even have the time to watch my million tv shows! Anyway, can’t wait for what’s next on





I cannot believe I have to wait for 3 weeks for this. UGH.


Btw, please bring them back. HUHU.


NOOO. IT’S NOT HER FAULT!!! (lol idk who but it can’t be Meredith plzzz)

Anyway, there aren’t any promos for Modern Family and Community, maybe because it’s only 20 minutes long. Wait, but HIMYM is also 20 minutes long… oh well. More surprise, the funnier it is. DON’T FORGET: On October 19 (October 20 in MNL), Pretty Little Liars will be having it’s Halloween Special episode so better mark your calendars! Also for the month of October… MISFITS on the 30th! I KNOW RIGHT! WEE! Sorry, I ramble when it comes to my tv shows ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s one of the things that keeps me sane… since school is driving me crazy. Can’t wait! x


Season Finale – Chuck, Gossip Girl, 90210

Chuck – all I could say is OH MY FREAKING LAWD

Gossip GirlAHHHHHHHH.ย 


Jessica Szohr and Taylor Momsen are not returning in Season 5. OH HAPPY DAY!

90210 –ย Synopsis: As graduation looms, Naomi makes a decision that could prevent her from graduating with her class. Liam tells Annie that he doesn’t want to go to college and Ryan asks Debbie to move to Paris with him. Meanwhile, an impromptu wedding takes place and Adrianna is shunned from the group when they find out her scheme to get revenge on Silver.


Gossip Girl 4×18 & 4×19 Spoilers

I decided to make polls now because it’s really fun and I want that to be another unique thing in my blog ๐Ÿ™‚ …not that it’s super unique but I’d just like to… check. Anyway, I’ve been posting a lot of Gossip Girl promos and I bet you guys are dying to know what happens in the next episodes! Well, I have a spoiler video below for next week’s episode entitled, “The Kids Stay In The Picture” Enjoy! Oh, don’t forget to vote in the poll below! INTENSE PROMO HERE VOTING IS OPEN UNTIL NOON ON MONDAY, APRIL 18!


PROMO PICTURES for 4×19, “Petty in Pink”

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OMG! Gossip Girl Spoilers re: DAIR โ™ฅ

Dan and Blair: Gossip Girl Romance?For those of you how haven’t read them, here are the detailed spoilers for episodes 4×18 “The Kids Stay in the Picture” and 4×19 “Pretty In Pink” now posted atย SpoilerTV.

Blair suggests that she was done kissing toads (referring to Dan) in comparison to Chuck, her prince. Dorota responds with “Dan Humphrey is more labrador than toad”. Later in the episode Blair is talking to Dan about the kiss.ย He says to her that the kiss was like a social experiment gone wrong and that it didn’t mean anything to him either and she responds with “Oh.” And then she makes a comment like “it was like a princess kissing a labrador” to which Dan thanks her for calling him a labrador and not a toad. LOL. Such cuties!

Anyway,ย Dan and Blair DO talk about the kiss. Blair makes a blank statement to Chuck that both of them didn’t like the kiss and Dan just stands there. Later, Dan and Blair are alone and that’s when they have the whole, “it was a social experiment gone wrong” conversation. Dan tells her it didn’t mean anything to him either etc. It ends withย Dan telling Blair “Your prince is out there waiting for you, it might not be me or Chuck, but he’s out there.” Blair is never aware that Dan was game if she was. Blair told Chuck that the kiss reinforced that she wanted to be with him and Dan just kept his mouth shut and agreed. In the episode, both of them were in front of Serena and denied that the kiss meant anything. Blair goes too far as to say, “biggest mistake of my life” at which point Dan calls that “an overstatement” but agreed it was a bad kiss. At the end of the episode Dan is with Charlie, alone in his apartment, and she says “I saw the kiss, I think you really like her.” He responds with “You might be right, I’ve been trying to convince myself that I can handle being friends with her but I realized tonight that I can’t. I just never thought the person that I want would be Blair Waldorf.”

Blair defends Dan and tells this to someone (but I’m not sure who it is and when she told that person):

Blair: “I guess I was in denial, I didn’t want to admit that I begun to understand the Humphrey appeal”, “I’m sorry to break it to you but Dan and I have a real connection.”

OMG I CANNOT WAIT FOR THIS EPISODE! The whole Dair kiss is intriguing me and as I was reading this spoiler above (I edited it too in a way ;)) I couldn’t contain myself! WOO! x