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Dory the Explorer


With the hectic schedule that comes from being a Physical Therapy student, one would really learn how to appreciate and make the most out of every hour of every day – from the 30 minute power naps in the middle of the night to the twenty-minute episodes of Awkward you can squeeze in while eating your meal, you realize the truth in the cliché that time is gold. As an irregular student, I could still feel the stress and the pressure brought on by the numerous handouts I have to highlight and lectures I have to replay in my mind, even though some people may think I’ve got it easier. I, too, feel that 24 hours isn’t enough. I even use my free time just to sleep! Hahaha! Thank God my Regnum Christi family had their annual convention this weekend in Tagaytay and I was able to borrow some of my precious study time to…

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Summer 2015

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Dory the Explorer


Its been only two weeks since the school year started and I’m already craving for (not just food but also) another trip!!! I’ve been thinking of going back to Baler for the next holiday, which is from October 30-November 3, but I can’t seem to get the dates in line with my other events. See, my friend invited me to a Halloween party she’s co-hosting called Assemblage, which will be on the 30th, but I also have to leave that same night with my travel buddies for Baler until November 2nd… but since I still have time to figure out the details of that vacation, how about we do a little #throwback of how I spent last summer?!



The first night was kind of a blur… just like this photo. My third year blockmates and I went to this chill drinking spot called Tides in E. Rodriguez ave. to celebrate our last…

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Every .5 Counts

Remember in my previous post where I was ranting about how stressful third year was? Well, it finally caught up with me. Yesterday, I found out that I failed a subject by .5 points… that’s .5 worth of new block mates, a new year, and a new obstacle. I have never failed anything ever when it comes to academics so it was definitely something that hurt me a lot. I was even telling my best friend that this hurt more that any break-up I could ever have haha. I talked to my professor about it and he said that he would double-check my grades for me but I started to lose the one quality I took most pride in – strength. With my strength, I was able to be there for others and be the strong one when they were weak. With that same strength, I was able to pull out a rainbow when people were going through storms. Because of this point five madness, I’ve lost that strength and I wondered, who would be strong for me this time?

With all honesty (and I’m not trying to sound cheesy), no one can really help me this time but God. I turned to Him for prayer, asked for guidance, and I looked for that strength I used to have in me. I’ll be having my Spiritual Guidance soon, which I haven’t had in over 6 months now, so I’m really glad we’re having a long semestral break this year. My parents and other relatives have also been so supportive of me and were very encouraging (that made me cry so much more) so I guess I need to build myself back up again. Wow, I think I’ve said that line so many times in this past year already. Damn, I’m so unlucky. Haha. On a serious note though, I don’t blame anyone but myself for what happened. I pulled my other subjects higher, and most of them were much higher than what I expected, that I failed to pull this one subject up. I guess this is a blessing because the universe knows how burned out I already am haha.

To all my PT batchmates, bye! Lol. My reaction is so inappropriate but seriously though, make me proud! I wish I knew each one of you more and got to spend time with you. I heard that the second semester will be more intense but you just have to focus AND MORE IMPORTANTLY, TREAT EVERY SUBJECT EQUALLY. Always pray to God and thank Him for your blessings. If you feel tired as well, please power nap then power through. If you fail, don’t think of it as the end of the world. Trust me; I know. I’ll see you in your graduation! I’ll be the crazy and loud girl at the back screaming her head off because she’s so proud. I love you guys x

P.S. I have deactivated and will be on a hiatus on Facebook, Twitter, Viber and Snapchat. Will be back when I feel like it haha. I need to be the description of this girl again, and when I do, you’ll hear from me soon – “She was a girl who knew how to be happy even when she was sad. And that’s important.” -Marilyn Monroe

There We Have It


That was my first reaction when I clicked on the ‘New Post’ button because a lot of things have changed since my last post, apparently, including WordPress. But don’t get me wrong; change is good! It’s been exactly a semester and my lack of, or completely missing, posts indicate how busy my schedule has been. From all-nighters in reviewing for the next quiz (after quiz, after quiz, after test, after test) to org duties (and sacrificing some… details later), I barely had any time for my occasional R&Rs, which some of you might know is a must for me to keep my sanity.

I really tried my best to squeeze in some time to drive away from the hustle and bustle of a Physical Therapy student’s life. I love my course and the people in it who have inspired me or have made it a little less crazy, but third year is no joke. There would be times when I’d grab that iced coffee in the refrigerator, try my best to stay awake, but still head bang then cry because I was already too sleepy to function. There would also be times when I’d have to put studying for Physiology on hold just so I could study for Anatomy. Juggling all those subjects and dealing with their difficulty really stressed me out. This semester, I learned a lot about sacrificing some things in order to make way for something else to bloom. This does not only apply to studies, but it also applies to hobbies and relationships as well.

This semester, I also had to give up dancing due to my Editor-in-Chief duties. It was really hard to see my other orgmates performing while I was on the sidelines taking pictures. I had to run so many errands during college events that I gave up time for training, which I also consider as time for myself. Another thing I had to sacrifice earlier in the semester was a really close friend. It was difficult for me at first because I didn’t understand the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of what was going on. I was completely left in the dark, but I was eventually enlightened when I learned the truth… the whole truth. I’ll spare you guys the dramatic details of that story but basically, it became so much easier for me to let my friend go for their relationship to grow. A chance to love and be loved is a blessing, and I wouldn’t want to hold anyone back from it. I know that in the end, giving up our friendship will be worth it because love, or even the slightest opportunity of experiencing it, is worth it.

There we have it – a semester full of stress, change, and sacrifices. More updates soon x


There. I’ve reached it. The starting line. The big 2-0.

I have the next prime years of my life ahead of me to take on real responsibilities, face new challenges, embark on crazy adventures, and make and learn from more mistakes. I honestly can’t believe that I have lived for twenty years! I feel truly blessed for everything that I’ve experienced and I can’t wait for the next surprises coming my way. Life is really full of twists and turns, ups and downs, and in the words of Aladdin, “over, sideways, and under on a magic carpet ride.” Yup, I just quoted a Disney cartoon. There are no barriers on our magic carpet as we breeze through this ride called life. No holds barred. We could always try to reach for all possibilities even though it may seem impossible. We could be who we want to be, go anywhere, and do anything. However, since there are no barriers, sometimes, we fall or crash and we end up holding on to the edge of the carpet just to lift ourselves back up. Now that I am supposedly an adult (but not yet! Give me one more year!!!), I should be able to tell if I might go overboard or if I’m crossing certain bounds. Being twenty, although I’m unsure of my current state whether I’m a teenager or an adult so let’s just call it ‘twenteen’, I should not only see the world as my playground but also as my battlefield. And so, I celebrate my victory every year on my birthday for being a survivor… and for also not pushing anyone off a cliff yet.

Last May 25-26, I had a pre-20th birthday celebration at the Sofitel Philippine Plaza with my family. Thank you to Sofitel for your hospitality, cake and greeting, and free food by the pool!

DSC05084 DSC05085 DSC05086 DSC05087 DSC05090 DSC05096

After setting down our things and eating the chips we brought + my surprise cake from the hotel (yey!!!), we headed straight to the pool, ordered Pina Coladas, slid down on that treacherous slide (I’m exaggerating, however dear adults, leave the slide to the children because I swear, you will bounce and see your life flash before your eyes), and read “Trust In Me” by J. Lynn until I finally watched the sun set.

DSC05107 DSC05108 DSC05110 DSC05113 DSC05114 DSC05115 DSC05117 DSC05118 DSC05119 DSC05120 DSC05121

For dinner, we went to Blue Wave and I never knew that it was also a drinking place! I always thought of it as a food center but when you go to the middle part of the courtyard, behold – tents and booze and music. We ended up eating at a pizza parlor called Shakey’s, which is a fam favorite and always gets a four thumbs up. When we got back to the hotel, my parents and I had a date at LeBar and I may have had drank too much of their South Pacific Beach cocktail because it was so good. The smell was really strong but the taste was so sweet! After we enjoyed a night of great conversations and laughter, we headed back to the room and called it a night.

DSC05126 DSC05141 DSC05153 DSC05154 DSC05158 DSC05168 DSC05169 DSC05170

At 7am the next day, my siblings and I had a breakfast buffet in Spiral, while my parents had breakfast in bed. I love eating at Spiral because of the prestigious atmosphere and the wide variety of dishes to choose from.

DSC05186 DSC05188 DSC05189 DSC05190 DSC05191 DSC05192 DSC05196 DSC05197 DSC05198

After not being able to move for half an hour, I decided to check out the hotel’s fitness center called So Fit… and I fell in love with that place! If only it wasn’t an hour away and quite pricey, I would be there everyday (and nope, I’m not exaggerating this time). I really enjoyed my time in the gym as it is well-equipped with machinery, ambiance, and beverages to help cool you down and truly enjoy your workout. I also got to use my new Fila babies, which was a gift from my grandparents, for the first time! I went straight to the pool area after my workout to meet up with my family and then we got ready to head back home. What a great pre-birthday indeed!

DSC05081 20140526_094440 20140526_094818 DSC05209

On my birthday itself, I had a series of errands to run for both the magazine and my studies. I had to wake up really early to take care of our suppliers and also enroll myself for the incoming school year. It was the complete opposite of a hassle-free birthday. The enrollment process this year was too long and inconvenient instead of actually being more helpful. It was incredibly hot in the morning but then it starting raining really hard in the afternoon. But despite this, I was really glad to be surrounded by my close friends, especially celebrating the whole day with another May 27 baby, Chin! Our friends and I had lunch at Yabu and we had a really great time catching up with each other. We ended pretty late and I got picked up by my parents and had Mom & Tina’s for dinner. I ended the really exhausting day with a home service massage and fell right asleep.

20140527_134352 20140527_172737 20140527_194200

For my post-birthday celebration, I was supposed to get my mani-pedi done at I Do Nails but I felt sick today, due to the crazy changes in the weather pattern, so I’m scheduled to do it tomorrow. Hopefully, I’ll feel a lot better by then and enjoy a day of pampering. To the rest of my days being 20, here I come! x

I Have Run, I Have Crawled, I Have Scaled These City Walls

Summer time in Manila is finally here! I know it has been 4 months since my last blog post and with all honesty, it’s because I was still working on getting back up after all the bad things that happened to me early in November. I hit strike three of my unlucky semester when I got run over by a bike last February 13. Can you even believe that? It’s funny when I look back at it now but it’s still a lesson that when people knock you down, you gotta get back up, figuratively and in my case, literally.

I read in “Wait For You” by Jennifer L. Armentrout that there is a big difference between being a survivor and surviving. But she also said that ‘everything will be okay. Maybe not perfect, but life wasn’t meant to be perfect. It was messy and sometimes it was a disaster, but there was a beauty in the messiness and there could be peace in the disaster’. I believe that after trying to survive those first fifteen days of November, I became a survivor when I decided that I can’t keep being the victim anymore. I was able to enjoy the rest of my semester, even though remembering things still stung sometimes. Someone once said that the reason why people hold on to memories so tightly is because that’s the only thing that doesn’t change, even though the people in it have. I guess that’s an inevitable thing we’d all have to face in one way or another – change. It happens every second of every day. Now that I’m about to enter my third year in college, bigger changes and challenges are about to come my way.

I’m turning twenteen this May and I’d love to carpe diem everything – eating in buffets without worrying about the calories, going to parties that may or may not involve blackouts and hangovers, “exercising” for 30 minutes and wondering where my abs are or just laying low by reading a good book and sipping on chai latte in cafes; and from shopping until I’m maxed out to actually studying until I pass out. Life is too short and too fast. It can’t slow down or put it to a pause. I know I’m still young and I’m just about to enter the prime years of my life, but it’s still okay to make a few mistakes along the way or if you still haven’t found what you’re looking for, as long as in whatever you do, you give it your all.

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