Penshoppe VS [insert any other MNL brand], 1-0



Zac Efron with Ms. Joyce Ramirez, Director of Publicity Asia

Penshoppe has done it again! First Mario Maurer, then Ed Westwick. Now, they’re bringing my (other) lover ZAC EFRON to Manila! Guess what my new favorite brand is! Lols. I am very proud that Zachary decided to patronize a Filipino brand when other people would just shoo our very own products. Honestly, I haven’t been an avid supporter of Penshoppe but my oh my, I need to get the name of the person responsible for getting Zachary to sign with them! Amazing advertisement! Let’s all watch out for his future billboards around the metro!!!


All available and all affordable! Head on to the nearest mall and get your hands on these goodies! I definitely will! source 1 and 2



Celebs In Paris Fashion Week Fall Collection 2012

Celebrities also bring in the lights in the City of Lights! I could only dream being there 😦 One day, I shall sit front row *wishful thinking, don’t judge*

Jessica Alba in Lanvin

JESSICA ALBA photo | Jessica Alba

Katy Perry in Vera Wang

KATY PERRY photo | Katy Perry

Mila Kunis in Dior

MILA KUNIS photo | Mila Kunis

Salma Hayek and Alicia Keys

SALMA HAYEK & ALICIA KEYS photo | Alicia Keys, Salma Hayek

Paul McCartney and wife Nancy

PAUL MCCARTNEY & NANCY SHEVELL photo | Nancy Shevell, Paul McCartney

Kirsten Stewart being a hot mess (as usual)

KRISTEN STEWART photo | Kristen Stewart

Olivia Palermo at the Dior show

OLIVIA PALERMO photo | Olivia Palermo

Kanye West and P. Diddy

KANYE WEST & DIDDY photo | Kanye West


A girl like me could only dream but watch me one day as I fit in the scene.


Forever21 x Hello Kitty

For those who know me, J’ADOR HELLO KITTY ♥ Last weekend, I ran some errands in Forever21 for our event on Saturday and I spied with my little eye the best corner of the store. Hello Kitty joined forces with Forever21 and I’m loving the outcomes! Found these amazing photos and footage from the blog of none other than the marvelous, Joanna Ladrido.

There’s more cuteness where that came from so head on to Forever21 soon and grab these limited edition items! x

I ♥ Mango

I have loved Mango ever since… I can’t even remember. If you follow me on chictopia, you’d notice that I’ve got a lot of Mango products in my closet. And I am proud! I love the quality and the style is incredibly tasteful. It can be a bit pricey but what the hell – their pieces are good investments. My most recent purchases include a sequined-giraffe top and these really awesome frames.

The weather has been bipolar recently, rain then shine then rain then more rain, then shine. It’s so hard to get out of the house! So out of boredom, I checked Mango’s site and yehes! New products fit for the -ber months! Take a look at some of them:


House Of Harlow 1960 Fall Collection

My ultimate fashion icon, Nicole Richie graces us with a preview of her fall collection for House of Harlow. Her life just gets better and better. You go girl! You’ll find the Harlow signatures—vintage art deco, chunky baubles, rich colors and textures.

You can shop the collection available now on Shopbop and stayed tuned for more from Nicole’s Ready-to-Wear Winter Kate.


Paper Crown ♔

Style Savvy Icon Lauren Conrad blesses us with her fashion taste as she (finally) releases her own clothing line! Here’s a sneak peek at Paper Crown‘s look book 🙂 Like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter! I certainly did 😉 I personally like the collection since it’s simple yet sophisticated, and it’s not over the top. It’s really designed for every fashionista and I can’t wait to shop Paper Crown! Boo hoo me. Anyway, here are some of their looks!