Season Finale – Chuck, Gossip Girl, 90210

Chuck – all I could say is OH MY FREAKING LAWD

Gossip GirlAHHHHHHHH. 


Jessica Szohr and Taylor Momsen are not returning in Season 5. OH HAPPY DAY!

90210 – Synopsis: As graduation looms, Naomi makes a decision that could prevent her from graduating with her class. Liam tells Annie that he doesn’t want to go to college and Ryan asks Debbie to move to Paris with him. Meanwhile, an impromptu wedding takes place and Adrianna is shunned from the group when they find out her scheme to get revenge on Silver.



GLEE 2×13 “Comeback”

WOW. Words cannot express how… FURIOUS I AM. ‘Baby’ on Glee completely ruined my week. I can just cry all night now. Can anyone please tell me when Jesse’s coming back? My children are looking for their daddy, so. Okay lol at myself

Chuck 4×15 “Chuck VS the Cat Squad”

I am in love with Zachary Levi. That is all.



Waiting For My Rocket To Come

Tuesday nights are one of the highlights of my week 🙂 Why? BECAUSE IT’ HAS ALL NEW EPISODES OF PRETTY LITTLE LIARS, GOSSIP GIRL90210 and CHUCK FOR ME! Since I’m in las Filipinas, I get the shows a day later. Boo. Anyway,

I loved this week’s episode of Pretty Little Liars (1×15) The whole Aria and Ezra story line is so romantic and I can’t wait to find out what’s next for them! Spencer’s life is getting twisted; it looks like the fingers are pointed at her now. I wonder if people will think that she did something to Allison that night (yes, the one they always talk about… like in every episode. Well, duh) I feel bad for Hanna’s mom though and I think Hanna and Caleb would look suuuper cute together, if they become a couple. I wonder what’ll happen with that. Huh. Anyway, Emily’s story is starting to get boring. Competing with possible lesbian Paige? Blech. Not my cup of tea.

Gossip Girl (4×13) was… meh. It was fine. Not completely mind-blowingly awesome or romantic but it was cool. Yeah. Whatever. But I want Blair’s internship so badly. Damn son!

90210 (3×13) was epic! UGH I HATE THAT NEW GIRL. See? I hate her so much I literally cannot remember her name. Wait, was it Kate? Or Camille? I dunno, whatever. She doesn’t exist. I LALALALOVE Annie + Liam. Liam himself is hot but I don’t really like Annie that much. She should keep seeing Liam so that I wouldn’t wanna punch her face back to Canada. Naomi is gorgeous. Hands down. I can’t wait for Silver and Navid to go public. Too cute and too sweet. I akready had a feeling there would be something between them ever since the awarding thingy. Adrianna just annoys me everybody Mother and teacher will be out of the show btw 🙂 …like soon… hopefully.

I really like this series of Chuck (4×13) 🙂 The episode was AWESOME! Copyright of Captain Awesome! Anyway, ZACHARY LEVI IS SO HOT. I THINK I WAS DROOLING THE ENTIRE TIME HE WAS SHOWN IN THE EPISODE. I want him for Valentine’s. If not, I’ll be my own valentine because I’m that amazing. HAHA. Sarah + Chuck getting married? I LOVE IT.