Love Song By The Cure, Sung By Candice Glover on AI12

With all honesty, I haven’t been staying tuned to American Idol Season 12, maybe because it started while I still had school and because I haven’t been hearing any good feedback from it anywhere. But yesterday, while my family and I were having lunch in the South with some family friends, I overheard this and it instantly gave my chills. I went over to the television and pumped up the volume and couldn’t stop saying OH MY GOD the entire time. I had no idea what came over me but yep, I was so impressed with this performance. Maybe I’ll start watching AI12 just because of this single performance. What did you guys think?


PHILLIP PHILLIPS ♥ American Idol Season 11 Winner

Yehey! Congratulations BB!!! FLY MY CHICKEN, FLYYYYY!!!


I’m so so so happy yey! Jessica, you are amazing too and probably 2nd place won’t be so bad for you because I could already see you making music in a different record company. It doesn’t have to be with AI to know that you’ll make it big. See you on Ellen! Haha yes I’m psychic now! Let’s all watch out for both of them!


American Idol Season 11 Top 2 Performances

Phillip Phillips and Jessica Sanchez

The countdown is still on going!!! Who will be the next American Idol?

Okay so with all honesty, ever since top 12, I’ve only been keeping track of this season’s American Idol through MJ’s big blog. Though I’m Filipino and this may come out as a shocker to some (and haters gon’ hate), my chicken would be Phillip Phillips. I’m rooting for him because a.) he’s gorgeous b.) his voice is flawless a.k.a better recording artist than all these other foo’s c.) he’s more creative and (sorry about this one) picks less boring songs to sing and d.) he can sing anything. OPINION. So please don’t slay me. Although these may be true (for me) I have this weird hunch that Jessica is going to win. Boo hoo but I won’t freak out about it. I personally think that she’s also very talented, seeing to it that she’s only what? 16? and yet her voice is so big… coming from a tiny body too. She’s part Filipino-Mexican and is an American resident, so she’s got 2 continents behind her back. Lol. Anyway, before we get the results in just a couple of hours, here’s a recap of their performances. PHILLIP WAS FLAW FREE BTW. On the other hand, it felt like Jessica faltered.



P.S. Phillip Phillips’ version of ‘Volcano’ already has 8 plays on my itunes and still counting… Can’t stop listening to it. He’s going to make beautiful music, I could tell.


American Idol Season 11 Top 24

I kinda like this list. YEHEY SKYLAR, ADAM, REED, JEREMY, HEEJUN, EBEN! I gotta watch the episode first though to see if any of the people I like didn’t get in. Can’t remember all my faves in this season… oh well. Here they are!


 The judges are bringing back one of these guys and I’m so torn among all of them except cowboy.

Jermaine Jones

Johnny Keyser

Richie Law

David Weathers

SO SO SO TORN. Anyway, for the rest of the sure-24, vote wisely America! x

KING SCOTTY ♥ American Idol Season 10 Winner

AMERICAN IDOL: Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina await the voting results during the season ten AMERICAN IDOL GRAND FINALE at the Nokia Theatre on Weds. May 25, 2011 in Los Angeles, California.  CR: Michael Becker/FOX

BB Scotty, I am so proud of you 🙂 Youngest American Idol winner! (yes, right?) Anyway, you are amazing and you have definitely brought back country music into the radar (no more of this Taylor Swift drama) Keep being awesome and sweet, especially to your fans 🙂 (I heard you’re good with that) God bless Scotty and I super wish you all the best!


Anyway, HEY GUYS! IT’S MY BIRTHDAY TOMORROW (yes, May 27 lol) and this was such a blessing that Scotty won! YEY AMERICA THANKS FOR THE AMAZING BIRTHDAY GIFT! Haha! Anyway, I’m packing my bags because I’m heading to Laguna from Friday-Sunday and on Monday, I’m going to Enchanted Kingdom! Woohoo! Won’t be back ’til then but enjoy the rest of May! Adios! 

American Idol Top 3 Results

Guess who’s extremely late? Me. Yes, I’ve been very busy being a co-worker but I’m loving every second of it! Been tired, but been better 🙂

YOUR 2011 TOP 2

I am incredibly jealous of this photo… BUT YEY SCOTTY! I’m pretty nervous because they’re both super amazing singers. Well America, it’s up to you (well, still, obviously. Haha) and I hope you guys vote wisely!

Haley’s hometown visit:

Scotty’s hometown visit:

Lauren’s hometown visit:

Ford Music Video:

Performance by Nicole Scherzinger and 50 Cent:


HAHA (okay, that was mean. I apologize… kind of):