Happy 2015!!!

Wow. I have been gone for too long and I must say, I missed expressing myself in writing. It seems like as the end of every year approaches, I face a slight turbulence in my life that causes me to crash or to lightly put it, brings me to a bit of a pit stop. I know that these things should serve as lessons or challenges to overcome or whatnot, but it does help to set time for yourself to sulk or cry. Despite the low points, life then only shows that you have nowhere to go but up. Isn’t that what they always say? And I believe that to be true. That is why I’m starting my own campaign this year called “Something New”.

Year after year, people encourage us to start fresh or become a new you every year. Why not be a better you? And what better way to become just that than by trying out new experiences you never thought of doing or things that you keep on putting on a pause because of some other priority? The challenge is simple: at least once a month, experience one new good thing that you have never tried. May it be to travel alone, finally try peanut butter (I’m putting this on my list), model, sky dive, swim with dolphins, or any other outrageous thing you might wanna try but have been too scared of doing, make it all happen this year. If there’s one thing I learned from all the craziness that has happened to me, it’s that no one can build yourself back up but yourself… and prayer.

So I challenge all of you to try #somethingnew2015. I’ll be posting my new experiences too so I can also motivate people in being bold and not be afraid of embracing the unknown, because anything could happen.


My Mini Holy Week Missions

This is the first time in three years that I’m spending Holy Week in the city since I usually went to missions (click here to get a glimpse of my previous missions: 2011 2012 2013). Because of my EIC duties, I had to stay behind and just attend church activities at Christ the King parish, which has somehow filled the void in my heart for missing missions. Today, my family and I decided to pick an orphanage and give back some of the blessings we have received. We went to Tahanan ng Pagmamahal and it was very fulfilling. I got to play with the babies, meet the young boys and girls, fed them cupcakes and juice packets, and donated essentials that the orphanage specified, which made our grocery shopping yesterday a lot easier. We weren’t allowed to take pictures of the kids because it’s part of the children protection program. They also just transferred to this home and the place was really nice 🙂 Hoping everyone also has a meaningful holy week!

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Holy Week Missions 2013 ♥


For my third holy week missions (and 4th in total), I’ve got to say that I really needed this week. In the past year, I honestly felt disconnect with my best friend, Jesus Christ, whom I used to turn to with everything. Moving on to college was a big transition but somehow, I still felt left behind. I kept complaining that I didn’t have enough time for myself because of all the work load I had to put first. Throughout this week, I realized that maybe if I was able to give time for Christ, whom I’ve lost, I would have given time for me as well. Losing Him has in turn caused me to lose myself, which saddened me a lot because bring numb or just not giving a care in the world is not me, or at least it wasn’t. Even though I was reluctant to join missions this year since I felt as if I didn’t deserve to go back, I’m really glad I did because I believe that it helped me make that change I want to happen in me.

From March 25-26, 2013, I stayed in Las Casitas Resort in Lipa Batangas to have my spiritual direction with Gudelia. The next day, I took a boat to Tingloy Batangas and stayed there until Easter Sunday, March 31, 2013. Now the situation in  the island was far different from the resort because we had to sleep on the floor of the classrooms in a provincial high school! We only had electricity from 12nn-12mn and our water was very bipolar. For my team, we had to walk about 8 kilometers back and forth everyday just to get to the town for our house-to-house visits and catechism for the kids. The roads were very steep and the sun was unfriendly to us, but the reward of being by the beach everyday, hearing the stories of the families, and making many kids smile made up for it. I also super loved how we would always have jamming sessions!!! Here are some snap shots of the week! Some of the photos were taken by my friend, Gugu 🙂

2013-03-28 14.05.01 2013-03-28 14.14.27 2013-03-28 14.43.37 2013-03-28 15.02.33 2013-03-30 15.42.16 2013-03-30 15.43.53 2013-03-30 17.27.31 2013-03-30 17.27.38 2013-03-30 17.37.03 2013-03-30 17.37.38 2013-03-30 17.51.13 2013-03-30 17.53.20 2013-03-30 17.53.29 2013-03-30 17.55.43 2013-03-30 18.02.59 483207_10200348405687293_764018889_n 482653_10200348479129129_726006570_n 483848_10200348483689243_1409200817_n 538998_10200348489809396_1242574183_n 582461_10200348490609416_1180234489_n 558888_10200348521010176_349504815_n 532955_10200348526490313_1336604898_n 480167_10200348544210756_2008528568_n 625624_10200348557451087_623499190_n 578096_10200348722455212_1950872962_n 733932_10200348725175280_1181730023_n 67914_10200348728215356_2050956464_n 58041_10200348729255382_784219966_n 408108_10200348740495663_1603848411_n 24428_10200348742295708_1214161435_n 644653_10200348749895898_1865370650_n 528315_10200348767696343_2063773888_n 562653_10200348794777020_809682674_n 523492_10200348814697518_1896033044_n 521743_10200348824617766_422029178_n

The Tingloy girls were so inspired with these songs this week and hopefully it’ll inspire you guys too!


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Ronan by Taylor Swift

Tay Swift is at it again. The country-pop star is dedicating a special song to a young boy, Ronan Thompson, who lost his life to neuroblastoma (cancer that develops from nerve tissue) last year.


I just discovered this song today since well, I’ve been living under a rock. When I watched this video and googled the story behind the song’s title, I couldn’t help but shed a tear… actually, lots of tears. I remembered my grandmother who succumbed to pancreatic cancer on February 14, 2005. So, it’s kind of hard to look at Valentine’s day the same way again. The last time I saw her was when I was around 9 years old and I didn’t know that she was already very sick. My two cents: take advantage of every moment you have with the people you love. Abuela, I love you to the moon and back too. x

I Want To Put Up My Own Statue Of Liberty Holding A Laptop


I am so frustrated all over twitter because of the Cybercrime Prevention Law issue. I actually wonder if by writing this I’ll get jailed for some time or have to pay a million pesos as penalty. I cannot believe that they’re trying to take away a source of joy and freedom from the youth, something we can’t expect at all from the government. I admit it – I am a tv show junkie and since I’m here in the Philippines, I was really happy that I still got to watch the shows I love since they’re all foreign shows. School already drives me crazy and these shows have kept me sane. Honestly, shopping and spa do the trick too but dang son not everyone can afford R&R every single day. Simple things like getting to see your favorite characters end up together or finally watching a season you’ve been waiting for in 6 months instantly brings out happiness in a person… happiness in me. This is my opinion. And according to the law, I might not even be able to say what I want in a few short months if it gets passed. Before making any more efforts to pass this bill, I just pray that the gov’t officials responsible for this take note that, um, a lot of us just turned 18 this year a.k.a we get to vote in the next elections. Just saying. x

Do Something Awards 2012


Uh… lol

Last July 29, 2012, I was also chosen to be part of a Medical-Dental Mission that occurred in Tondo, Manila. My certificate is currently posted on my cork board in my condo (I went home you see. Hehe) I’ll just snap a photo of it when I get back. Anyway, they misspelled my last name (THE HECK) just like what happened to my uncle. Lol. On the other hand, here’s a video of my daddy’s fraternal twin brother featured in the local news because of the good deeds he has done for the Philippines. Helping out and giving just runs in the family! But please get our last names right next time. Tee hee.