I just love summer time. No sadness for me here! (See what I did there) From accomplishing my project for the incoming school year, finding myself lost in new books, catching up with old friends, lounging by and dipping in the pool, watching new films or finishing my series, to eating ’til my heart’s content, there is nothing to dislike about summer. Expect maybe for the insane Manila heat. Thank you though technology for air conditioning.

I don’t know how it is for some people, but I actually like going in the beach; not just simply laying on a beach bed, getting a tan, or snapping photos, and not even getting wet. I love floating on the water – feeling both the heat of the sun on my skin and the coolness of the waves is such a relaxing feeling. I hate, however, the feeling of wet sand stuck in my slippers or in between my feet. I mean, who does? And since I actually submerge my body in the beach, I have to make sure that my bathing suit is not only cute and comfortable but that it also serves its purpose.

The Best Bikinis For Big Boobs

Being gifted ala Kate Upton, who is beyond gorgeous and confident in her own skin and body, can still be quite difficult for most women. That department can be very tricky when you’re shopping for swimsuits because as I’ve mentioned, it needs to serve its purpose a.k.a. avoid any wardrobe malfunction. Secondly, not everyone, including myself, is comfortable exposing or even having a sneak peek of her cleavage seen. Call me a prude and all but you’ll never know what a person could be thinking when they see it. Honestly, I actually think that boobs are weird because they look like butts on a chest. No offense. Don’t worry, it applies to me too haha. Not everyone can be like Kate Upton over here.

Kate Upton op44-186942 Kate Upton Kate Upton

See? I don’t know for some of you but I can never pull these off. That’d be too scary. More photos at the source.

Luckily, I came across a feature by cosmo.ph that could help girls like you and me when it comes to this distress. I found the article title completely accurate yet helpful, so here are some swimsuit suggestions!

The Best Bikinis For Big Boobs

Neon pink push-up bikini, P899, Suiteblanco

The Best Bikinis For Big Boobs

Palm trees bandeau, P899, Suiteblanco

The Best Bikinis For Big Boobs

Red asymmetrical bikini, P2150, Naked Sun Swimwear

The Best Bikinis For Big Boobs

Yellow bikini with rainbow bottom, P2050, Naked Sun Swimwear

The Best Bikinis For Big Boobs

Twist bandeau, P1500, ISOLA Swimwear Essentials

The Best Bikinis For Big Boobs

Palm Paradise bandeau, P1880, I Love Koi Swimwear

The Best Bikinis For Big Boobs

Pleated bandeau, P1950, ISOLA Swimwear Essentials

Thank you so much Cosmo for your suggestions! Personally, I love bathing suits from Marks & Spencer and Debenhams because they’re comfortable to wear and have great quality.



Here are snapshots of the new bathing suits I just got from none other than Marks & Spencer and Kyss Swimwear! I love how they gave me a complete summer feel with their prints. I can’t wait to wear them this coming weekend!PhotoGrid_1399735178354

Floral tankini and bottom from Marks and Spencer


Island strapped bandeau from Marks & Spencer and high-waist bottom from Kyss


OH YES! They love their…

Jourdan Dunn ♥ VIPARO JACKET


ELIZABETH AND JAMES BAG   photo | Reese Witherspoon

Jessica Alba ♥ CHLOÉ COAT

CHLOÉ COAT  photo | Jessica Alba

Kristen Stewart ♥ RTA JEANS

RTA JEANS photo | Kristen Stewart

Julianne Hough ♥ SHOEMINT SHOES

SHOEMINT SHOES  photo | Julianne Hough


ISABEL MARANT BOOTS  photo | Kate Hudson


VANS SNEAKERS photo | Naomi Watts



Jessica Alba ♥ BLACK NYC JEANS

BLANK NYC JEANS  photo | Jessica Alba


REBECCA MINKOFF BOOTS   photo | Bella Thorne



Met Gala 2013

I love dressing up and in this year’s costume institute gala, celebrities gave PUNK a whole new spin. Some of their outfits were pleasing to the eye while some took it a little too far. Here are my picks!


The dress may not really scream ‘punk’ but the hair and make-up does it for her!

Love the sexy twist to this outfit that she’s actually wearing a jumpsuit.

Classy and just, lovely.

This is super sexy! I love it!

PUNK! I can’t say it’s trashy at all because I think it’s brilliant and creative!

Love this look!

I love her outfit!

Love this look!


I felt like these outfits are either safe, pretty, okay, or I didn’t really feel like the theme is shown. 

She looks like she’s having so much fun with this look!

This is not really flattering on her baby bump and omg look her shoes completely match!!!

I feel like the straps are too much.

The tights look uncomfortable. That’s probably my only dilemma with this outfit. She still looks super gorgeous!

Maybe just the dress with be amazing but that jacket is an overkill.


source 1 2 3


Marks & Spencer Summer 2013 Event

Last April 27, 2013, Marks & Spencer Philippines held a fashion show at the Shangri-La Plaza main atrium, which featured their Summer ’13 collection. I was invited by Nuffnang to attend the event and I brought with me the biggest M&S fan I know, my mother! I love how their collection was sweet and sophisticated. There were many hues, florals, stripes, etc. found in their collection that are absolutely suitable for summer. They served TWG drinks and finger food, which were heaven may I just say. After the fashion show, they gave the bloggers some M&S goodies so thank you very much for them! Here are just some snap shots from the event and take a sneak peek at their collection!

DSC02822 DSC02823 DSC02824 DSC02826 DSC02833 DSC02835 DSC02843 DSC02849 DSC02863 DSC02865 DSC02867 DSC02868DSC02876 DSC02886 DSC02887 DSC02894 DSC02896 DSC02897 DSC02904 DSC02898 DSC02908 DSC02912 DSC02915 DSC02921 DSC02926 DSC02940Picture 7 Picture 1Picture 2 Picture 3 Picture 4 Picture 5 Picture 6Amazing stuff right? There’s a whole lot more to drool over so head on over to Marks & Spencer and you’ll find yourself loving more of their products! My mother wore a M&S dress and paired it with a scarf. Since my only M&S merch are accessories and under garments, I opted to wear a Forever21 floral dress bec. I think it was applicable for the season and threw on a blazer from Forever21. My envelope bag was from Abby Jocson, shoes and necklace are both from The Little Things She Needs, and my earrings were from Aldo. After the event, my family and I had dinner at Mong Kok then watched Iron Man 3! Wasn’t it just badass??? RDJ will forever be my dilf fantasy (sorry, TMI) and I love his son, Indio Falconer I just can’t weeew. Anyway, if you guys haven’t seen it yet………. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? You’ll definitely love and enjoy it a lot! x

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