Clean is the new sexy!

Dory the Explorer

imageA lot of people nowadays can be too concerned with superficial beauty that they exhaust so much effort, time, and resources to attain society’s standard of being sexy – there’s the thigh gap that turned into thigh brows, having those perfectly shaped eyebrows, the Kylie Jenner pursed lips trend, and so much more. We tend to forget the most basic thing that truly makes one beautiful and sexy, and that is love for one’s self. If we have that self-love, confidence will immediately follow, whether you are curvy, muscular, petite, dark or fair skinned, curly or straight haired, have four eyes, etc. There are many ways of showing our love for one’s self that don’t have to go through extreme measures. There are little things we could do at least twice a week that can help let that inner sexiness shine.


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Personally, I really don’t like going to the gym and I…

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