Clean is the new sexy!

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imageA lot of people nowadays can be too concerned with superficial beauty that they exhaust so much effort, time, and resources to attain society’s standard of being sexy – there’s the thigh gap that turned into thigh brows, having those perfectly shaped eyebrows, the Kylie Jenner pursed lips trend, and so much more. We tend to forget the most basic thing that truly makes one beautiful and sexy, and that is love for one’s self. If we have that self-love, confidence will immediately follow, whether you are curvy, muscular, petite, dark or fair skinned, curly or straight haired, have four eyes, etc. There are many ways of showing our love for one’s self that don’t have to go through extreme measures. There are little things we could do at least twice a week that can help let that inner sexiness shine.


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Personally, I really don’t like going to the gym and I…

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Something Borrowed

Make sure that your borrowed time is not wasted time! Hope everyone has a happy week ahead!

Dory the Explorer


With the hectic schedule that comes from being a Physical Therapy student, one would really learn how to appreciate and make the most out of every hour of every day – from the 30 minute power naps in the middle of the night to the twenty-minute episodes of Awkward you can squeeze in while eating your meal, you realize the truth in the cliché that time is gold. As an irregular student, I could still feel the stress and the pressure brought on by the numerous handouts I have to highlight and lectures I have to replay in my mind, even though some people may think I’ve got it easier. I, too, feel that 24 hours isn’t enough. I even use my free time just to sleep! Hahaha! Thank God my Regnum Christi family had their annual convention this weekend in Tagaytay and I was able to borrow some of my precious study time to…

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