Summer 2015

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Dory the Explorer


Its been only two weeks since the school year started and I’m already craving for (not just food but also) another trip!!! I’ve been thinking of going back to Baler for the next holiday, which is from October 30-November 3, but I can’t seem to get the dates in line with my other events. See, my friend invited me to a Halloween party she’s co-hosting called Assemblage, which will be on the 30th, but I also have to leave that same night with my travel buddies for Baler until November 2nd… but since I still have time to figure out the details of that vacation, how about we do a little #throwback of how I spent last summer?!



The first night was kind of a blur… just like this photo. My third year blockmates and I went to this chill drinking spot called Tides in E. Rodriguez ave. to celebrate our last…

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