As part of my #somethingnew2015 challenge, I’ve also decided to switch on to a new domain… and because honestly, I found it hard to change my url so I just made a new one harhar. Anyway, this will probably be my last post for Vanity and Veins. Hope you guys check out elleexplores as well!




Happy 2015!!!

Wow. I have been gone for too long and I must say, I missed expressing myself in writing. It seems like as the end of every year approaches, I face a slight turbulence in my life that causes me to crash or to lightly put it, brings me to a bit of a pit stop. I know that these things should serve as lessons or challenges to overcome or whatnot, but it does help to set time for yourself to sulk or cry. Despite the low points, life then only shows that you have nowhere to go but up. Isn’t that what they always say? And I believe that to be true. That is why I’m starting my own campaign this year called “Something New”.

Year after year, people encourage us to start fresh or become a new you every year. Why not be a better you? And what better way to become just that than by trying out new experiences you never thought of doing or things that you keep on putting on a pause because of some other priority? The challenge is simple: at least once a month, experience one new good thing that you have never tried. May it be to travel alone, finally try peanut butter (I’m putting this on my list), model, sky dive, swim with dolphins, or any other outrageous thing you might wanna try but have been too scared of doing, make it all happen this year. If there’s one thing I learned from all the craziness that has happened to me, it’s that no one can build yourself back up but yourself… and prayer.

So I challenge all of you to try #somethingnew2015. I’ll be posting my new experiences too so I can also motivate people in being bold and not be afraid of embracing the unknown, because anything could happen.