Viaje Del Sol 2014 Post 2


For lunch, we went to Sitio de Amor Farm Resort and they served us unlimited food! I swear, we’d empty a plate or a bowl and the staff would refill it immediately. The place was so vast, beautiful and serene. I honestly didn’t want to leave the place! They also had an old house that reminded me a lot of The Ruins in Bacolod. I promise to go back, stay and swim there next time.

DSC05424 DSC05418 DSC05427 DSC05419 DSC05420 DSC05421 DSC05423 DSC05425 20140705_121348 20140705_122136 DSC05416 DSC05428DSC05429 DSC05430 DSC05431 DSC05432 DSC05433

In the afternoon, we went to Nagcarlan Underground Cemetery. To be honest, the whole land was bigger than what they had underground but it still looked amazing and looked pretty historic.

DSC05434 DSC05438 DSC05435 DSC05436 DSC05437

Afterwards, we went to Tsinelas st. in Liliw Laguna where they were literally surrounded by shoes and slippers!!! I bought these floral espadrilles from Entrada (it was air-conditioned so plus points to the store) worth 380php! Their products are not only affordable but they are also very stylish. I also bought delicacies to take home with me.

DSC05440 DSC05441 DSC05442 DSC05443 DSC05444 DSC05445 DSC05446 DSC05447 20140705_155140 DSC05450 DSC05451 DSC05453 DSC05455




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