Viaje Del Sol 2014 Post 1

The start of July has been a very busy yet crazy fun-filled week! I’ve been going to school to rehearse our dance routine and tomorrow, we’ll be shooting our college video, all to be presented on our college’s general assembly on the 19th. My body feels extremely beaten up and my mind exhausted, so I decided to go on a road trip adventure with my Travel Factor family at Viaje del Sol! Viaje del Sol, or the way of the sun, aims to promote the beauty of Philippine archipelagic ecology, preserve the land’s biodiversity, and nurture all forms of life.

DSC05504 DSC05503

Our first stop on our trip was breakfast at Casa Vida, which overlooks Lake Sampaloc. We had corned beef, scrambled eggs, and matched it with either coffee or orange juice. Afterwards, we took a stroll by the lake to snap some pictures and feel the cool morning breeze. By the way, the weather that whole day was perfect even though the rainy season just started to roll in. The skies were so blue and the clouds were white, which were beautifully painted in the waters of the lake.

DSC05358DSC05359DSC05360 DSC05365 DSC05367 DSC05369 DSC05370 DSC05372 DSC05373 DSC05375 DSC05377 DSC05378 DSC05379 DSC05380 DSC05382 DSC05383 DSC05384

After breakfast, we drove to Ugu Bigyan’s Potter Garden. This has been open for more than 30 years and on weekdays, they even have a pottery demonstration!

DSC05386 DSC05387 DSC05388 DSC05389 DSC05390 DSC05393 DSC05394 DSC05396 DSC05397 DSC0539820140705_111500DSC05399DSC05400DSC05401DSC05404DSC0540720140705_111143DSC05412DSC05409DSC05410DSC05411DSC05414DSC05415




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    • I think there is but I’m not sure of the price since my tour of Viaje del Sol was already a whole package 🙂

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