Viaje Del Sol 2014 Post 3


From Liliw, we traveled next to Lake Pandin wherein we rode a raft to cross to the pathway leading to Lake Yambu. They served us ginataan and fresh coconut juice. I loved this part of the trip because it was breezy and the views were amazing. I thought I was somewhere in the amazon!

DSC05457 DSC05463 DSC05464 DSC05465 DSC05466 DSC05468 DSC05475

Because I was live blogging on my twitter and instagram + had music during the car ride, I slowly lost my battery! Good thing Kuya Jim brought his portable Bavin charger!

DSC05476 DSC05477 DSC05478 DSC05485

Lake Pandin


Lake Yambu


With Kuya Jim! This was our second trip together after Cavinti. He’s my super traveler idol!

DSC05482 DSC05486 DSC05487

After our trip to both lakes, we had our well-deserved dinner at Sulyap Gallery Cafe. The ambiance and the food were so amazing that I would definitely go back there just to eat their dishes again. I had beef sirloin in red wine sauce with mango shake and half of Kuya Jim’s best-seller dish. Afterwards, we unfortunately had to end our road trip day and say our good-byes.

20140705_190839 DSC05491 DSC05492 DSC05493 DSC05496


  • Breakfast at Casa Vida by Lake Sampaloc + tour of town

  • Ugu Bigyan Potter’s Garden

  • Lunch + tour at Sitio de Amor

  • Nagcarlan Underground Cemetery

  • Shopping at Tsinelas st. in Liliw Laguna

  • Rafting + merienda at Lake Pandin

  • Trekking to view of Lake Yambu

  • Dinner at Sulyap Gallery Cafe

My road trip for Viaje del Sol was only part 2 of my last summer hurrah. Last July 4, 2014, I attended the eighteenth birthday party of one of my really good friends, Mojah. You looked stunning girl! I enjoyed that night with my friends and previous blockmates who I won’t be seeing much of anymore because of the shuffling. I got home at around 2am, took a shower, and had a short nap before my trip at 5am. I thought it would be hard to go to sleep with wet hair and alcohol in my system but I was wrong. Haha. Blackout bar knocked me out but good thing I was still about to wake up in time for my trip. Wishing for more nights like these with my friends!!! A new chapter of adventures await and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for me.



The early birds! We were the first ones to arrive… we even got there before the debutant did in her dressing room.


The only shots I promised I would take that night. What happened.

image-ccaa3408980db245ed32585405b177f1c2f0d83baa43eba21a3a79c25ddf6f96-V 20140704_224336

My friends and I with the gorgeous debutant!

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Viaje Del Sol 2014 Post 2


For lunch, we went to Sitio de Amor Farm Resort and they served us unlimited food! I swear, we’d empty a plate or a bowl and the staff would refill it immediately. The place was so vast, beautiful and serene. I honestly didn’t want to leave the place! They also had an old house that reminded me a lot of The Ruins in Bacolod. I promise to go back, stay and swim there next time.

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In the afternoon, we went to Nagcarlan Underground Cemetery. To be honest, the whole land was bigger than what they had underground but it still looked amazing and looked pretty historic.

DSC05434 DSC05438 DSC05435 DSC05436 DSC05437

Afterwards, we went to Tsinelas st. in Liliw Laguna where they were literally surrounded by shoes and slippers!!! I bought these floral espadrilles from Entrada (it was air-conditioned so plus points to the store) worth 380php! Their products are not only affordable but they are also very stylish. I also bought delicacies to take home with me.

DSC05440 DSC05441 DSC05442 DSC05443 DSC05444 DSC05445 DSC05446 DSC05447 20140705_155140 DSC05450 DSC05451 DSC05453 DSC05455



Viaje Del Sol 2014 Post 1

The start of July has been a very busy yet crazy fun-filled week! I’ve been going to school to rehearse our dance routine and tomorrow, we’ll be shooting our college video, all to be presented on our college’s general assembly on the 19th. My body feels extremely beaten up and my mind exhausted, so I decided to go on a road trip adventure with my Travel Factor family at Viaje del Sol! Viaje del Sol, or the way of the sun, aims to promote the beauty of Philippine archipelagic ecology, preserve the land’s biodiversity, and nurture all forms of life.

DSC05504 DSC05503

Our first stop on our trip was breakfast at Casa Vida, which overlooks Lake Sampaloc. We had corned beef, scrambled eggs, and matched it with either coffee or orange juice. Afterwards, we took a stroll by the lake to snap some pictures and feel the cool morning breeze. By the way, the weather that whole day was perfect even though the rainy season just started to roll in. The skies were so blue and the clouds were white, which were beautifully painted in the waters of the lake.

DSC05358DSC05359DSC05360 DSC05365 DSC05367 DSC05369 DSC05370 DSC05372 DSC05373 DSC05375 DSC05377 DSC05378 DSC05379 DSC05380 DSC05382 DSC05383 DSC05384

After breakfast, we drove to Ugu Bigyan’s Potter Garden. This has been open for more than 30 years and on weekdays, they even have a pottery demonstration!

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