Apparently, I’m on Instagram.


Sooooooooo I totally forgot that I had an Instagram account until I googled myself (yes, I googled). It was originally itscookielle and luckily, I was able to get in my account since I use the same password for everything. Shh. I also just found out that my first post was just a black photo. I don’t remember if I was trying to take a picture of something in the dark or??? Honestly, what was I thinking when I made that and suddenly stopped? I ended up taking that black photo down because what on Earth was that anyway? Even I don’t know. I also found out that despite my lack of posts, meaning none, and having posted a, lets say, black box,  I have 2 followers! I laughed so much because I found it so cute that I even had any.

Feel free to follow this crazy girl on instagram because yes, apparently I have it and I promise to use this now so I won’t flood my twitter with pictures anymore. Maybe a couple of throwbacks here and there but like I always say, we only have tomorrows to look forward to and not yesterdays. x

Fault Feels


Last night, I had the privilege (and yes it was a privilege because it was awesome) to finally watch “The Fault In Our Stars”. I read the book back in 2012 when I was starting my first year in college and I was really psyched to start on it because of all the recommendations and insights from my friends. I really liked the story. I loved Augustus. He’s even in the top 5 of my fictional boyfriend list, and yes, I do have a fictional boyfriend list ‘cos the real life one sucks so far. The only problem I had with it though was how the story was built up so much by my friends and reviews from other people that I ended up not being as emotional as I usually am with books, or fictional stories in general. People told me that I would definitely cry but I didn’t. However, when I saw the trailer, I cried a pacific ocean. I even dared myself to watch it again after a few days and ice caps melted and flooded my room. When I saw the movie, well, I literally felt like my heart was going to explode.

The movie was beautifully made and the cast was brilliant! I just love both Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort a lot as they are both talented people with great personalities. Here’s an interview of the two of them by Emmy winning reporter Chris Van Vliet and a commercial of Ansel and his girlfriend since high school for Amanda Uprichard. They are all so adorbs. I can’t.


Cavinti 2014

Rivers and roads

Rivers and roads

Rivers and roads ’til I reach you

Many travelers like me are known to take on the ‘road less traveled’. Last June 7, 2014, I went on a major adventure to a new hidden gem amongst the several ones already known in the Philippines. This is Cavinti. Located along the Sierra Mountain Range in Laguna, this quaint and simple town has recently opened to the public the Cavinti Underground River and Caves, which truly gave me a challenging yet memorable experience. My early morning road trip started at 5 in the morning and we arrived at the start of the site at 8am. They gave us a primary briefing of what to expect and what not to do, and we set off to the Cavinti Church for a quick tour of the main town.

DSC05212 DSC05213 DSC05215 DSC05216 DSC05218

The Cavinti Church

DSC05222 DSC05223 DSC05219

All-terrain shoes from Sandugo

DSC05226 DSC05227 DSC05229

Stations of the Cross


Jocs’ Merrell shoes and my Sandugo shoes

Afterwards, we drove to the start of the road for the atvs but we opted to walk until we reached the river. Unfortunately, we didn’t think that almost 3 kilometers would drain us that much! The road was a mixture of mud, rocks, uphills, and downhills. Come to think of it, our trail can serve as a great metaphor on how we would sometimes have to go through so much turmoil but we would eventually find something amazing in the end. I used to think that that was really cheesy and things like ‘rainbows after rains’ barely happen to real people. I used to think that it would only rain, or even form thunderstorms, then stop and shine but eventually rain again. But even though sunshines and rainbows don’t last, the fact is, it still comes out. Happiness can always be found. Like this trip, even though we only spent a day there, I cherish and took in every second of my stay there because in a way, I really found a kind of happiness. The caves were really majestic and the waterfall was super cold! It was really worth the trip.


Trail food

DSC05237 DSC05238 DSC05239 DSC05241

The halfway mark tree

DSC05242 DSC05243 DSC05246 DSC05248 DSC05249 DSC05251 DSC05252 DSC05253 DSC05256 DSC05260DSC05265DSC05266DSC05267

About to enter the cave!!!


The only plant that sprung in the cave


The fountain of youth


I swear it looks like gold glistening on this rock




I thought we would only do ducking… I ended up not crawling, but squatting until the end of this small tunnel. Leg work right there!


Sunken Cave


Waterfalls inside the cave! It was freezing cold but definitely worth it.


After about spending two hours in the two chambers, we ate our lunch that was wrapped in banana leaves. On our way back up, we had another crazy idea of riding on top of a tractor, and I ended up on top of a wheel! It was really scary and was truly an outrageous idea. When we got to the top of the hill, we rested for a while and went back to the main entrance for more chill sessions. At around 5pm, we had to unfortunately head back to the city and say our goodbyes. I can’t wait for my next adventures!

DSC05343 DSC05344 DSC05346 DSC05347 DSC05353