X-Men: Days of Future Past


After watching The Amazing Spider-Man 2 last weekend, I still honestly find myself in a Gwen Parker haze where I picture them in London or wherever (since Spidey was going to follow her anywhere *sobs*) instead of following the comic book ending. Nevertheless, it was a great sequel and it definitely avoided the sophomore slump curse. Four thumbs up and yes, that includes my toes. This month, more Marvel heroes are making a comeback in “X-Men: Days of Future Past” and I became extra psyched when they showed a preview of what to expect in the credits of TASM2.

I’m pretty sure a lot of people would like to go back in time and alter something they’ve done or prevent something from happening that could change their lives in the present time. May it be small things like avoiding spilling their drink on someone or big events like not meeting someone to prevent your heart ache today, we sometimes wish that certain things just didn’t happen to us. Believe me, I have a set of memories I’d like to go back to and change or scrape out. But thing is, those memories shouldn’t live in the present because that’s just what they are now, memories. You can’t hold on to moments forever. May it be happy or sad, new things keep happening to us everyday and we only have tomorrows to look forward to and not yesterdays. Maybe if I didn’t go out that night, I wouldn’t have been held up at gunpoint; but that happened and I learned that some people can really be cruel. Maybe if I crossed the road a few seconds later, I wouldn’t have been run over by a bike; but that happened and I learned to be more cautious. Every moment in our lives is one big connect-the-dots, so everything happens for a reason and we have to take it. Life will always happen. You just have to face it as it comes. As Katy Perry once sung to me and to a million other people, “No regrets. Just love.” x


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