Forever Twenty Young

Good-bye April and hello May! The first month of summer is officially over and I’ve got two more months to look forward to before entering my junior year in college. Today also marks the beginning of my birthday month! Yes, in exactly twenty-seven days, I’m hitting the big 2-0. It’s kind of the point in your life wherein you wonder, “I’m no longer a teenager but I’m not yet an adult, so what am I?” Oh the things I think of, really. With the rate I’m living my life, some may even think I’m about to hit my mid-life crisis, but fingers crossed, hopefully not hehe. I can’t wait for the next adventures I’ll be experiencing and I’ll do my best to not just make the most of everything but also grow while I’m growing up.

April was a month full of errands and giving back. I’m almost done with my project: planner for Therapeutic Currents, which consisted of so many meetings and canvasing for the planner we’ll be giving the whole college. This May, I’ll be catching up on some color from my out of town trips and maybe try to squeeze in some gym time. In June, I’ll be doing some advance studying because as we all know, Physical Therapy is no joke. Time to be more mature and hardworking now! Let’s do this! x


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