There. I’ve reached it. The starting line. The big 2-0.

I have the next prime years of my life ahead of me to take on real responsibilities, face new challenges, embark on crazy adventures, and make and learn from more mistakes. I honestly can’t believe that I have lived for twenty years! I feel truly blessed for everything that I’ve experienced and I can’t wait for the next surprises coming my way. Life is really full of twists and turns, ups and downs, and in the words of Aladdin, “over, sideways, and under on a magic carpet ride.” Yup, I just quoted a Disney cartoon. There are no barriers on our magic carpet as we breeze through this ride called life. No holds barred. We could always try to reach for all possibilities even though it may seem impossible. We could be who we want to be, go anywhere, and do anything. However, since there are no barriers, sometimes, we fall or crash and we end up holding on to the edge of the carpet just to lift ourselves back up. Now that I am supposedly an adult (but not yet! Give me one more year!!!), I should be able to tell if I might go overboard or if I’m crossing certain bounds. Being twenty, although I’m unsure of my current state whether I’m a teenager or an adult so let’s just call it ‘twenteen’, I should not only see the world as my playground but also as my battlefield. And so, I celebrate my victory every year on my birthday for being a survivor… and for also not pushing anyone off a cliff yet.

Last May 25-26, I had a pre-20th birthday celebration at the Sofitel Philippine Plaza with my family. Thank you to Sofitel for your hospitality, cake and greeting, and free food by the pool!

DSC05084 DSC05085 DSC05086 DSC05087 DSC05090 DSC05096

After setting down our things and eating the chips we brought + my surprise cake from the hotel (yey!!!), we headed straight to the pool, ordered Pina Coladas, slid down on that treacherous slide (I’m exaggerating, however dear adults, leave the slide to the children because I swear, you will bounce and see your life flash before your eyes), and read “Trust In Me” by J. Lynn until I finally watched the sun set.

DSC05107 DSC05108 DSC05110 DSC05113 DSC05114 DSC05115 DSC05117 DSC05118 DSC05119 DSC05120 DSC05121

For dinner, we went to Blue Wave and I never knew that it was also a drinking place! I always thought of it as a food center but when you go to the middle part of the courtyard, behold – tents and booze and music. We ended up eating at a pizza parlor called Shakey’s, which is a fam favorite and always gets a four thumbs up. When we got back to the hotel, my parents and I had a date at LeBar and I may have had drank too much of their South Pacific Beach cocktail because it was so good. The smell was really strong but the taste was so sweet! After we enjoyed a night of great conversations and laughter, we headed back to the room and called it a night.

DSC05126 DSC05141 DSC05153 DSC05154 DSC05158 DSC05168 DSC05169 DSC05170

At 7am the next day, my siblings and I had a breakfast buffet in Spiral, while my parents had breakfast in bed. I love eating at Spiral because of the prestigious atmosphere and the wide variety of dishes to choose from.

DSC05186 DSC05188 DSC05189 DSC05190 DSC05191 DSC05192 DSC05196 DSC05197 DSC05198

After not being able to move for half an hour, I decided to check out the hotel’s fitness center called So Fit… and I fell in love with that place! If only it wasn’t an hour away and quite pricey, I would be there everyday (and nope, I’m not exaggerating this time). I really enjoyed my time in the gym as it is well-equipped with machinery, ambiance, and beverages to help cool you down and truly enjoy your workout. I also got to use my new Fila babies, which was a gift from my grandparents, for the first time! I went straight to the pool area after my workout to meet up with my family and then we got ready to head back home. What a great pre-birthday indeed!

DSC05081 20140526_094440 20140526_094818 DSC05209

On my birthday itself, I had a series of errands to run for both the magazine and my studies. I had to wake up really early to take care of our suppliers and also enroll myself for the incoming school year. It was the complete opposite of a hassle-free birthday. The enrollment process this year was too long and inconvenient instead of actually being more helpful. It was incredibly hot in the morning but then it starting raining really hard in the afternoon. But despite this, I was really glad to be surrounded by my close friends, especially celebrating the whole day with another May 27 baby, Chin! Our friends and I had lunch at Yabu and we had a really great time catching up with each other. We ended pretty late and I got picked up by my parents and had Mom & Tina’s for dinner. I ended the really exhausting day with a home service massage and fell right asleep.

20140527_134352 20140527_172737 20140527_194200

For my post-birthday celebration, I was supposed to get my mani-pedi done at I Do Nails but I felt sick today, due to the crazy changes in the weather pattern, so I’m scheduled to do it tomorrow. Hopefully, I’ll feel a lot better by then and enjoy a day of pampering. To the rest of my days being 20, here I come! x


Zambales 2014


If there’s one thing that I wouldn’t get tired of doing, it’s traveling. I love immersing myself in the culture, the people, and most especially with nature, despite the bumps and waves that I may cross along the way. Last May 17-18, I went on a weekend getaway to the beaches of Zambales along with my adventure-seeking buddies from Travel Factor. We had our early morning road trip at 5am and got to our resort by 9am. The ocean that was as clear as the skies and the warm sand between my toes made me feel like I was in paradise.

DSC04998 DSC04999 DSC05000 DSC05001 DSC05002 DSC05004 DSC05012

Once we arrived on the coast of Pundaquit, we took a boat to Anawangin Cove and it was absolute paradise. The campers were very communal and the place was so peaceful. You would see people having picnics, getting their tan on, playing beach volleyball, and going along with the waves in the beach. We set up our food and stuff on our table, while my friend Kaycee even hung her knitted hammock for us. The sand was so hot though, which caused me to literally sprint to the ocean! I enjoyed everything about my stay there – from the food, to the cool waters, from the warm sun and sand, to even my sunkissed skin. Caution: summer selfie overload coming up!

DSC05005 DSC05006 DSC05014 DSC05019 DSC05020 DSC05030 DSC05033 DSC05035 DSC0503910312985_10152476788665850_1233570002343367353_n10365993_10152476751960850_1783661854004263021_n10388125_10152476753085850_8746909946856255515_n

At around 2:30 in the afternoon, we hopped to the Capones island where we had a surprise trekking trip to their well-known lighthouse that has been there ever since the Spanish era. We had to hold on to a rope and cross the ocean just to get to the shore. Now if you have ever gone trekking in your swimsuit and slippers just like I did, I salute you! The trail we took was one of the roughest ones as it was extremely rocky, narrow, and at the edge of the mountain. However, once you reach the top, you’d be glad you made that climb, even though the thought of going down the same path could be tricky and quite scary. My friend Kaycee and I took hilarious and dramatic shots and then finally decided to go to the top of the lighthouse. It was difficult because it was so rustic and you had to go through small holes, and again, I was still in my swimsuit and slippers. I refused to wear more clothing because it was insanely hot! The views were breathtaking and truly something to check off my bucket list!

DSC05041 DSC05042 DSC05045 DSC05047 DSC05049 DSC05052 DSC05053 DSC05055 DSC05056 DSC05057 DSC05058 DSC05063 DSC0506410376842_10152476754915850_6067763220012488602_n DSC05065 DSC05066 DSC05067 DSC05068 DSC05069 DSC05071 DSC05072 DSC05073 DSC05074

At around 5pm, we went back to our resort in Pundaquit, which was just a minute walk from the shore. We dipped once again in the pool and lounged for some time there while chatting and sipping on cool drinks. We had our dinner and then proceeded to have a chill drinking sesh, which later on turned crazy at around 2am when our friends Abby and Gelo joined us. We munched on chips and barbeque, drank cold beers followed by Cuervo, and simply enjoyed each others’ company and conversations. We headed to bed at around 3:30am and woke up at 10am. We had our breakfast, lounged by the pool, and packed our stuff. We went to Harbor Point in Subic and had our lunch there. At around 2:30pm, sadly, we had to head back to Manila and say our good-byes.


This won’t definitely be our last adventure. I love how we were all so free spirited and game for anything. Not a lot of people have that mindset or stepping out of their comfort zones for spontaneous and exciting trips. I’m glad to have spent this amazing weekend with such amazing people. I have to take care of my super red skin now and head back to my EIC duties. Life’s a beach. x



I just love summer time. No sadness for me here! (See what I did there) From accomplishing my project for the incoming school year, finding myself lost in new books, catching up with old friends, lounging by and dipping in the pool, watching new films or finishing my series, to eating ’til my heart’s content, there is nothing to dislike about summer. Expect maybe for the insane Manila heat. Thank you though technology for air conditioning.

I don’t know how it is for some people, but I actually like going in the beach; not just simply laying on a beach bed, getting a tan, or snapping photos, and not even getting wet. I love floating on the water – feeling both the heat of the sun on my skin and the coolness of the waves is such a relaxing feeling. I hate, however, the feeling of wet sand stuck in my slippers or in between my feet. I mean, who does? And since I actually submerge my body in the beach, I have to make sure that my bathing suit is not only cute and comfortable but that it also serves its purpose.

The Best Bikinis For Big Boobs

Being gifted ala Kate Upton, who is beyond gorgeous and confident in her own skin and body, can still be quite difficult for most women. That department can be very tricky when you’re shopping for swimsuits because as I’ve mentioned, it needs to serve its purpose a.k.a. avoid any wardrobe malfunction. Secondly, not everyone, including myself, is comfortable exposing or even having a sneak peek of her cleavage seen. Call me a prude and all but you’ll never know what a person could be thinking when they see it. Honestly, I actually think that boobs are weird because they look like butts on a chest. No offense. Don’t worry, it applies to me too haha. Not everyone can be like Kate Upton over here.

Kate Upton op44-186942 Kate Upton Kate Upton

See? I don’t know for some of you but I can never pull these off. That’d be too scary. More photos at the source.

Luckily, I came across a feature by that could help girls like you and me when it comes to this distress. I found the article title completely accurate yet helpful, so here are some swimsuit suggestions!

The Best Bikinis For Big Boobs

Neon pink push-up bikini, P899, Suiteblanco

The Best Bikinis For Big Boobs

Palm trees bandeau, P899, Suiteblanco

The Best Bikinis For Big Boobs

Red asymmetrical bikini, P2150, Naked Sun Swimwear

The Best Bikinis For Big Boobs

Yellow bikini with rainbow bottom, P2050, Naked Sun Swimwear

The Best Bikinis For Big Boobs

Twist bandeau, P1500, ISOLA Swimwear Essentials

The Best Bikinis For Big Boobs

Palm Paradise bandeau, P1880, I Love Koi Swimwear

The Best Bikinis For Big Boobs

Pleated bandeau, P1950, ISOLA Swimwear Essentials

Thank you so much Cosmo for your suggestions! Personally, I love bathing suits from Marks & Spencer and Debenhams because they’re comfortable to wear and have great quality.



Here are snapshots of the new bathing suits I just got from none other than Marks & Spencer and Kyss Swimwear! I love how they gave me a complete summer feel with their prints. I can’t wait to wear them this coming weekend!PhotoGrid_1399735178354

Floral tankini and bottom from Marks and Spencer


Island strapped bandeau from Marks & Spencer and high-waist bottom from Kyss


X-Men: Days of Future Past


After watching The Amazing Spider-Man 2 last weekend, I still honestly find myself in a Gwen Parker haze where I picture them in London or wherever (since Spidey was going to follow her anywhere *sobs*) instead of following the comic book ending. Nevertheless, it was a great sequel and it definitely avoided the sophomore slump curse. Four thumbs up and yes, that includes my toes. This month, more Marvel heroes are making a comeback in “X-Men: Days of Future Past” and I became extra psyched when they showed a preview of what to expect in the credits of TASM2.

I’m pretty sure a lot of people would like to go back in time and alter something they’ve done or prevent something from happening that could change their lives in the present time. May it be small things like avoiding spilling their drink on someone or big events like not meeting someone to prevent your heart ache today, we sometimes wish that certain things just didn’t happen to us. Believe me, I have a set of memories I’d like to go back to and change or scrape out. But thing is, those memories shouldn’t live in the present because that’s just what they are now, memories. You can’t hold on to moments forever. May it be happy or sad, new things keep happening to us everyday and we only have tomorrows to look forward to and not yesterdays. Maybe if I didn’t go out that night, I wouldn’t have been held up at gunpoint; but that happened and I learned that some people can really be cruel. Maybe if I crossed the road a few seconds later, I wouldn’t have been run over by a bike; but that happened and I learned to be more cautious. Every moment in our lives is one big connect-the-dots, so everything happens for a reason and we have to take it. Life will always happen. You just have to face it as it comes. As Katy Perry once sung to me and to a million other people, “No regrets. Just love.” x

Forever Twenty Young

Good-bye April and hello May! The first month of summer is officially over and I’ve got two more months to look forward to before entering my junior year in college. Today also marks the beginning of my birthday month! Yes, in exactly twenty-seven days, I’m hitting the big 2-0. It’s kind of the point in your life wherein you wonder, “I’m no longer a teenager but I’m not yet an adult, so what am I?” Oh the things I think of, really. With the rate I’m living my life, some may even think I’m about to hit my mid-life crisis, but fingers crossed, hopefully not hehe. I can’t wait for the next adventures I’ll be experiencing and I’ll do my best to not just make the most of everything but also grow while I’m growing up.

April was a month full of errands and giving back. I’m almost done with my project: planner for Therapeutic Currents, which consisted of so many meetings and canvasing for the planner we’ll be giving the whole college. This May, I’ll be catching up on some color from my out of town trips and maybe try to squeeze in some gym time. In June, I’ll be doing some advance studying because as we all know, Physical Therapy is no joke. Time to be more mature and hardworking now! Let’s do this! x