Just Hanging Out


Photo 2622Can you just imagine me saying “HEEEEEEEY” with this face omg it matches so much

Anyway, it’s summer time and for people like me who enjoy doing absolutely nothing (and even get mad when we’re interrupted while doing nothing), this is our season. And also because I’m extremely busy when school rolls in, a.k.a physical therapy student and Editor-in-Chief duties for me.

Sharpay Evans once said, “It’s summer… anything could happen.” The next few months are the best days to just sit back, relax, and enjoy everything as it comes. There’s less stress, more opportunities to soak under the sun, more chances of catching up with the latest gossip, more moments to rekindle old friendships, and more time to appreciate everything around you. But when you’re not hitting the beach or exploring a different country, you can still make the most of your time filling in the gaps of your summer vacation. I’m actually planning on applying for a summer job with some friends so that’s a good way to earn money when you can’t leech off from your parents haha!

Fill in the gaps with these simple R&Rs:

1. Chill in the mall – in my case, I can’t turn on the air-condition during the day unless I ask permission first from my parentals and I can only use it when I go to bed. So to beat the heat, hit the mall! Yes, it could get a little crowded but think about it: you could catch the latest movies, go shopping with that hard-earned money or savings, sip on cool drinks or even just play in the arcade. You can never run out of things to do in the mall… I mean literally – sitting or walking around counts.

2. Escape reality – how? Only in the best way possible, which is either by reading a great new book or by watching all the tv shows you have lined up. My latest read was “Wait For You” by Jennifer Armentrout so I’m planning to get the sequel called “Be With Me” ASAP!!! You could actually find me holding a book in a cafe and I wouldn’t care what I’d look like because I’m not even there. This fangirl really gets into her reading. I’m also looking forward to a lot of happenings in some of my favorite series like what happens to the mother in How I Met Your Mother or how long can Jenna Hamilton stay single in Awkward.? I’m pretty sure a lot of things are going to happen in the shows you’re watching so don’t you dare miss it!

3. Appreciate yourself – the best way in doing this is by taking care of your body through regular exercise, like going to the gym at least three times a week, or rejuvenating at the spa. It’s really important that you learn to love yourself first before loving others. During the school year, you either have to study hard so you could give back to your parents and to be able to support your future family, or you spend time being there for your friends when they have problems. Use this time to keep loving yourself or start loving yourself if you have forgotten how to already.

Summer is also a great time to hang out and by hanging out, I mean not like these guys:

Picture 1

I mean c’mon, can you even? Anyway, stay safe, use sunblock, and have a happy summer!!! x


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