I’ll Die Livin’ Just As Free As My Hair

Photo 2651 Photo 2654 Photo 2648So today was super ironic because it rained the whole day and yet my latest post was about what to do during summer. I heard that a typhoon is about to roll in the Philippines so I hope everyone stays safe.

Anyway this’ll just be a super quick post as I am in my jammies and ready to go to bed. Today, my family and I went to see ‘Divergent’ and I really enjoyed it, especially the soundtrack! Which reminds me, I have to get it asap. If you haven’t seen it yet, what are you waiting for? Go to the nearest mall near you!!! It was so funny though how I just kept thinking “oh my gosh Augustus and Hazel Grace are siblings in this movie and in their next movie together, they’ll be kissing” ughhh I just couldn’t stop thinking about it at first but don’t you worry because you’ll love Tris and Four’s chemistry and you’ll surely love their tandem as much as I did, no matter how “fast” it may have seemed. Some people are just really meant for each other *squee*

I love how the “Dauntless” citizens are described – Β those who just dive into the unknown and suck in all the juices life has to offer. Just like my hair, which I love playing around with, we should be who we truly are no matter how messy we could get. We are free beings with our own mind and our own hearts, and nothing should dictate anything to us that we know doesn’t feel right.Β Carpe that freakin’Β diem. x


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