I Have Run, I Have Crawled, I Have Scaled These City Walls

Summer time in Manila is finally here! I know it has been 4 months since my last blog post and with all honesty, it’s because I was still working on getting back up after all the bad things that happened to me early in November. I hit strike three of my unlucky semester when I got run over by a bike last February 13. Can you even believe that? It’s funny when I look back at it now but it’s still a lesson that when people knock you down, you gotta get back up, figuratively and in my case, literally.

I read in “Wait For You” by Jennifer L. Armentrout that there is a big difference between being a survivor and surviving. But she also said that ‘everything will be okay. Maybe not perfect, but life wasn’t meant to be perfect. It was messy and sometimes it was a disaster, but there was a beauty in the messiness and there could be peace in the disaster’. I believe that after trying to survive those first fifteen days of November, I became a survivor when I decided that I can’t keep being the victim anymore. I was able to enjoy the rest of my semester, even though remembering things still stung sometimes. Someone once said that the reason why people hold on to memories so tightly is because that’s the only thing that doesn’t change, even though the people in it have. I guess that’s an inevitable thing we’d all have to face in one way or another – change. It happens every second of every day. Now that I’m about to enter my third year in college, bigger changes and challenges are about to come my way.

I’m turning twenteen this May and I’d love to carpe diem everything – eating in buffets without worrying about the calories, going to parties that may or may not involve blackouts and hangovers, “exercising” for 30 minutes and wondering where my abs are or just laying low by reading a good book and sipping on chai latte in cafes; and from shopping until I’m maxed out to actually studying until I pass out. Life is too short and too fast. It can’t slow down or put it to a pause. I know I’m still young and I’m just about to enter the prime years of my life, but it’s still okay to make a few mistakes along the way or if you still haven’t found what you’re looking for, as long as in whatever you do, you give it your all.

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