Carry On

I’ve gone through hell during the first half of my nightmare November. After I got over my first love after bawling my eyes out for a week and ended it properly with a talk, I got held up at gun point after 2 days and lost all my personal belongings. You can just imagine how I just got over something and another terrible thing happened right after. I hit rock bottom emotionally. I used to be the strong one for others but this time, I was the one who needed to be saved.Β But as some people would say, sometimes you gotta fall before you fly. I tried my best to turn the next half of this month around through Operation: Carry On.

On Nov. 16, my friend, Pat, and I went to Eastwood City and had dinner at Mr. Kurosawa. Eastwood during Christmas season is the best because of the lights… which are ironically similar to the ones at The Ruins. Walking under them like I did before with him didn’t make me sad; it actually made me smile that it happened. The next day, my parents decided to relax me with a massage at The Big Apple Express Spa and get a wax at Lay Bare. I felt so rejuvenated afterwards and I actually fell asleep during the massage, which doesn’t happen very often. When I got my wax, the physical pain, even though it wasn’t that much, would have been a better feeling than all the crap I’ve been through in the first 15 days of the month. We heard mass then had dinner out as a fambam. The following day, I got treated again to a mani-pedi at Nail-a-holics and it felt so good! I got dropped off at the condo and proceeded the week with my college girl duties. On Nov. 22, my friend, Chin, and I watched Catching Fire and ESXTCFYGVHBKJNBYFXEASRXDCTFVG I wanna watch it again I can’t seriously my feels… The next day, I went to Fully Booked at Bonifacio High Street and finished reading “If I Stay” and FJABFUIQGFJBQVQOUGQOUHV my feels again I can’t wait for the movie seriously my life… After a few minutes, my friend Abbie picked me up there and we drove to her family’s estate in Tarlac. The place was amazing and was such a perfect getaway! When we got there, we ate our dinner at the house then went to the town of Paniqui. We walked around and bought loads of street food, and got chips and drinks at a convenient store. When we got back, we chilled the night away and I think we passed out at around 3 in the morning. We woke up to a delicious breakfast and became such couch potatoes (the usual, what’s new) for a couple of hours. At around 11am, we decided to go to the club house for a swim and get our tan on. It was so chill and relaxing – sipping on cold beer, listening to awesome music, and sneaking strikes gave it the extra edge. We had lunch at around 1pm then went back for more relaxation. We heard mass at 5pm then drove back to Alabang where I slept over at Abbie’s house. We drove back to Manila the following morning and we were both passed out at our condo. On Nov. 27, my group of friends and I had brunch together after the longest time at The Chicken Rice Shop and it was so great to add another great moment to our long list of memories. I also got to meet new people from my college, and they are pretty amazing and fun to be with! On that night, we watched and supported the contestants of Mr. and Mrs. Rehabilitation Sciences 2013, an annual pageant of our college. Pat and I had dinner afterwards and proceeded with doing some errands. Yesterday, I got to hang out with my new friends again and at night, Pat and I had dinner at Ihop then went to Hyve where DJ Apocalypto got to spin for us! The next 15 days truly showed me that happiness could be found in simple joys and with the company of family and friends.

Even though there would be times wherein I’d remember things, I don’t let it upset me for more than a second because I’m done crying. Honestly, I can’t cry about those things anymore. Not because I don’t hurt anymore, because I do, but because if I start to cry, I won’t be able to stop. Both experiences did break me but it made me whole again. To the people who have hurt me, thank you for allowing me to go through those things. I hope you’re happy wherever you are, just don’t mess with me ever again.





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