Bacolod 2013 In A Nutshell

September was really not my month. I went through so much sht and it felt like the month never ended. But I was able to survive it thanks to this crazy boy! Meet Christopher/Tope. We’ve been friends since February this year and we’ve been dating exclusively since July. He’s from Bacolod City, the City of Smiles and the Sugar Capital of the Philippines. Last October 17-21, Abbie, Pat and I stayed at his house to celebrate the Masskara Festival!


We were greeted in Silay Airport with performers in front of the arrival area which gave us a glimpse of the Masskara Parade that mainly happens on Friday and Saturday in Lacson St. Here’s what we did in a nutshell:

DAY 1. Arrived. Dinner at Terrasse in the District Mall. House party at Gabby’s.

DAY 2. Visited Micko. Electro Dance Rave.

DAY 3. Dinner at Timeout. Invasion.

DAY 4. Attended an Ilonggo mass. Dinner at Bob’s. Visited The Ruins.

DAY 5. Lunch at the Chicken House. Went around and bought goodies to take home.

We went to a bunch of other places in between and I seriously have a major Bacolod Hangover. Abbie and I also chilled a lot on their lazy boy couches, partly because we were probably still drunk from the night before haha! We partied with so many celebrities and also with the DLSU Green Archers, this year’s UAAP Men’s Basketball Champions. When we walked around Lacson, you would see parties left and right, people eating, drinking and just having a good time, and the best is when people areΒ hubogΒ (which is drunk in Bacolod). I miss everything about the place. It’s so beautiful, the people are insanely nice, and all of their food is so delicious! Even the food served at Tope’s house is so classy and good. Most of all, I miss the guy that made me realize my heart could do more than just beating.


When we went to The Ruins, Tope and I had our Taj Mahal moment (the place is actually called the Taj Mahal of Negros) and that was the first time we told each other we loved each other since we started dating 4 months ago. The place was just breathtaking and beautiful, and it was perfect with the music playing in the background.



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Bacolod, we’ll be coming back for you one day! x