Fight The Endless Fight


What’s new? I’m writing this post on a Malas Thursday and I’m been getting this karma or whatever unlucky thing I have every Thursday since Jan. 6, 2011. Only on Thursdays. Oh well. I still have to get used to this. But anyway, I’ve been noticing that a lot of people have been down lately; may they be a random stranger on tumblr or friends on twitter, it seems like a lot of people need a little push. Last Tuesday, I actually had a bipolar episode and it really made me wanna go on hiatus. But with a little help from my friends and calls from my parents, my relapse went away. I realized how weak people can be but can be really strong as long as they know they’re not alone. And to everyone out there who feels that they are, you’re not. Here are just some of the quotes I gathered online over the past month. I hope that whatever it is that’s currently bringing you down, learn to fight the endless fight called life. I heard once somewhere that there’s an upside to free falling, it’s the chance to give your family and friends to catch you.

tumblr_m89dycQIdF1qhvqvdo1_500 parishiltoninstagram tumblr_mdl6imXWQb1qjsseco1_500 tumblr_mhadaheXeV1qhmhdfo1_500 tumblr_mmwme7lppD1qadtxgo1_500 tumblr_mn9fv1kAJh1qc9ey0o1_500 tumblr_mn7bngvcfs1riqx8uo1_500

Always remember that someone out there loves you. Hold on to that. “It’s okay to feel. No matter how much it’d hurt, our emotions are what make us human, good or bad… never lose hope.” -Elena, TVD.

Photo 2247

I’m about to get a home massage then heading back to Manila tonight. Let’s all stay strong, laugh a lot and smile. No matter how  hurt you actually feel inside, the happiness shown from a smile will eventually be real. Just keep smiling.



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