Last Sunday was such a great family day. We went to mi abuelo and abuela’s for lunch to celebrate their 47th wedding anniversary. Just a few more years and they’re hitting gold! Yey! Anyway, the food was amazing and as usual, my plate was overflowing with various dishes; from salads (showing them my fake diet) to pasta and choices of chicken meat or pork, I basically covered it all. Haha! After spending the day bonding with the Kagaoan clan, my family and I went to Eastwood City and did some retail therapy. For dinner, we ate at this amazing place called Komrad. The atmosphere and the interior design were amazing so I decided to share the place to you guys! If ever you get that Chinese flavor craving, visit Komrad at the 2nd floor of the Eastwood Mall near the connecting bridge to Citywalk Β beside Cyma. You’ll definitely come back once you’ve tried it. That day was truly death by food. Yammyyyy *cue in Coco Martin*

2013-06-09 17.54.17 2013-06-09 17.52.53 2013-06-09 17.53.24 2013-06-09 17.53.42 2013-06-09 17.54.50 2013-06-09 17.55.07 2013-06-09 17.55.28 2013-06-09 17.55.55 2013-06-09 18.03.47 2013-06-09 17.54.03 2013-06-09 17.57.06 2013-06-09 18.24.46 2013-06-09 18.25.04 2013-06-09 18.25.13Β x


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