Marinduque 2013

Last May 17-20, 2013, my mom, little sister, and I went to the island of Marinduque, the heart of the Philippines. We stayed in my grandfather’s house in Gasan which was newly built just 2 years ago. From Pasig (where I was born and bred) to our destination, it actually took us 9 hours of travel, so you could just imagine how much my bottom hurt afterwards! Haha! We got there at around 3 in the afternoon and had our really really late lunch. I love how the caretaker always feeds us so much like there’s a fiesta! On our first day, we decided to do a bit of exercise and climbed up and down the Kawilihan Butterfly Garden.

DSC03021 DSC03029

Hiking in slippers… remind me to bring rubber shoes next time haha

DSC03032 DSC03033 DSC03035 DSC03036 DSC03042 DSC03044 DSC03045

My Zoology pets

DSC03046 DSC03047 DSC03048 DSC03053DSC03056 DSC03065 DSC03068

It’s a legit treehouse I cant even

I passed out quite early on our first night because I was exhausted from both the trip and the visit up the mountain. The next morning, we decided to have breakfast and have a quick tour around Boac, which is the capital of Marinduque. It’s a 30 minute jeepney ride from Gasan and the views are just breathtaking. I don’t really commute much in Manila but doing so in the province is actually very fun! We ate at this cute diner called Goodchow, bought pastries at Krisna’s Bakeshop, then took snapshots of some old houses. When we got back to the house, we had another quite late lunch then headed to Pinky’s Taha Resort, which is an up and coming recreational resort in Gasan. My little sister and I went on the flying fish and swam on both the ocean and the pool. I can’t wait to come back and see how the place turns out once it’s completely done. I already love it!

DSC03078 DSC03083 DSC03082 DSC03081 DSC03080DSC03087DSC03115DSC03117DSC03114

Look at this cloud, it’s shaped like a dog!!! So cute

DSC03122 DSC03121 DSC03119 DSC03118 DSC03138 DSC03136

The Tres Reyes Islands

DSC03130 DSC03123 DSC03159 DSC03156 DSC03150 DSC03147DSC03181

On our third day, I woke up at around noon because I was sleeping comfortably and was super tired. It was scorching hot in the afternoon and we decided to take a stroll along the beach, the park, and dared ourselves on the hanging bridge. It was windy along the shores (thank God) and watched the sunset. Since it was our last night, they fed us twice as much food!

DSC03198 DSC03196DSC03224DSC03206 DSC03220 DSC03215 DSC03213 DSC03192DSC03207

On our last day, we packed up early and prepared ourselves for another 9-hour trip. We got some souvenirs and stored on food and drinks. During my stay, I was also able to start and finish my summer book, “Before I Fall” and can I just say MY FANGIRL HEART IS BREAKING OH MY GAWSH IT WAS SO GOOD AND I CAN’T GET OVER IT. Anyway, I just love summer!

2 thoughts on “Marinduque 2013

  1. hey girl, i am from Boac, i happen to come across your blog about your vacation. May I ask what place you where at when you were trekking up the mountain the first day. I so love the view and the coolness of the place. I was in Boac last week and plan to go back this June. Is that a private place where you stayed. Please tell me or you may text me at my cp 0920-952-4330 this is cely sumo I am from Boac. BTY my email add is (Bernal is my married name). Thank you

    • Hey!!! The place I went to was in Gasan – check their Botanical Garden 😉 can’t wait to go back to Marinduque too!

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