Staycation at Le Blanc Antipolo

Last May 4-5, 2013, my friends and I stayed at this beautiful resort called Le Blanc. It’s a great place to bond and party with your friends since you get the whole place to yourselves! Here are just some snapshots of the place.

DSC02971 DSC02972

My corner of the room! I had a bed all to myself.


We first met up at Mcdonald’s Katipunan then drove off to the mall to get food, drinks, and of course ping pong balls. Afterwards, we went straight to the resort and settled down. The place was really beautiful and very modern. It had a half bastketball court, pool table, swimming pool, karaoke room, and a bar. We were with Gela’s family and they made sure to really take care of us. Our group occupied two rooms and were split into genders. It was super funny because the girls’ room was a lot bigger than the guys and we were only 7 girls while the guys were 8. We bonded a lot then had buffet dinner, which was sooooo good btw! After eating, we changed into our bathing suits and well, we unleashed craziness. I think I passed out on my bed a few minutes after 4am and I didn’t even get to change. Haha oh well… yolo right? I had such a good time last night and I can’t wait for more bonding moments with my high school friends + new friends before I resume real life a.k.a college.



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