Holy Week Missions 2013 โ™ฅ


For my third holy week missions (and 4th in total), I’ve got to say that I really needed this week. In the past year, I honestly felt disconnect with my best friend, Jesus Christ, whom I used to turn to with everything. Moving on to college was a big transition but somehow, I still felt left behind. I kept complaining that I didn’t have enough time for myself because of all the work load I had to put first. Throughout this week, I realized that maybe if I was able to give time for Christ, whom I’ve lost, I would have given time for me as well. Losing Him has in turn caused me to lose myself, which saddened me a lot because bring numb or just not giving a care in the world is not me, or at least it wasn’t. Even though I was reluctant to join missions this year since I felt as if I didn’t deserve to go back, I’m really glad I did because I believe that it helped me make that change I want to happen in me.

From March 25-26, 2013, I stayed in Las Casitas Resort in Lipa Batangas to have my spiritual direction with Gudelia. The next day, I took a boat to Tingloy Batangas and stayed there until Easter Sunday, March 31, 2013. Now the situation in ย the island was far different from the resort because we had to sleep on the floor of the classrooms in a provincial high school! We only had electricity from 12nn-12mn and our water was very bipolar. For my team, we had to walk about 8 kilometers back and forth everyday just to get to the town for our house-to-house visits and catechism for the kids. The roads were very steep and the sun was unfriendly to us, but the reward of being by the beach everyday, hearing the stories of the families, and making many kids smile made up for it. I also super loved how we would always have jamming sessions!!! Here are some snap shots of the week!ย Some of the photos were taken by my friend, Gugu ๐Ÿ™‚

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The Tingloy girls were so inspired with these songs this week and hopefully it’ll inspire you guys too!