Back to Burgos Circle and Trip to Beijing… Foot Spa

M.I.A. alert. Wow I’ve really missed blogging! I honestly haven’t had much time for myself because I’m super bombarded with quizzes everyday, sometimes even for every subject (those days are the woooooorst), piles of homework, a thesis to write, and assoc. editor duties. But of course, I had to keep my sanity so I still kept up with my favorite tv shows and I tried sneaking in some YOLO rebel nights here and there. Here’s a brief rundown of those nights and chill pill days since my blog’s first anniversary:

January 12– Watched Life of Pi 3D  (cried so much in the end. Oh Richard Parker y u do this 2 me) and had dinner out with the fambam

January 24– Rebel night with Abbie and Pat. I woke up with a total hangover and ended up not going to school. Ended up missing a pop quiz. Yikes! But then again, numb.

January 26– Watched Les Miserables (more tears! Cried since the bishop scene until the ending huhu) and had dinner out with the fambam

January 27– played fortyhands with my roomies and we were all surprisingly not drunk afterwards. Hooray for that!

February 1– just finished with exams so my friends and I decided to hit Burgos Circle then went back to the condo to meet up with more friends and more partying! I got one hell of a heartburn that night though. Ouch! Here are just some snapshots from that crazy but super memorable night!


61775_10151354395994209_1359812852_n 535843_10151354394324209_33290467_n 561546_10151354397659209_515755983_n 541619_10151354397779209_870007142_n 404502_10151354393939209_1285313553_n 35529_10151354395444209_450980744_n 223405_10151354398499209_1304582396_n 31891_10151354394684209_745607842_n 2963_10151354400304209_2050836201_n 71493_10151354400539209_2085670991_n 72974_10151354403199209_976667074_n 377624_10151354397189209_349998184_n 734730_10151354398799209_1288073649_n

February 7– insane blackout rebel night. Gotta spare the details because I’m not a reliable source to tell the events of that night. Haha! I remember laughing so hard though! This was the first school night since we got back from Christmas break wherein I didn’t have to study for a quiz or finish any homework!


Yesterday, February 15, my parents took me out for lunch (fish and chips because you know, fasting) and they treated me to this foot spa they tried before, Beijing Foot Spa! It’s located in the third floor of Silver City in Frontera Verde, Pasig City. We stayed in the Hong Kong room with three reclining chairs that had it’s own tv! We opted for the chill music though and I fell asleep. This week really wore me down and this did the trick!

Beijing Foot Spa 2011-beijingfoot


This weekend, I’ll be running more errands for our college’s magazine and stuDYING once more for our quizzes next week. I’ll be going out of town the whole day on Sunday so wish me luck on accomplishing everything I have to do! These couple of weeks, I realized how valuable time and sleep are. I really missed being carefree and just simply, happy. Check out how crazy I’ve been going studying in every corner of the condo! Haha that’s an exaggeration but seriously though, CRS is truly the college of the really stressed.

Photo 2040 Photo 2076

Oh, say hi to my date last Valentine’s Day, Uno!!! (that’s my froggie, plus Abbie and Maui on the sides! Jalo der!) I had to push pins on all her muscles and it was super difficult. Wow Uno, you made my day.

Photo 2126

So on the 14th of February, as some of you might know from my post on Ronan, I lost my grandmother to cancer on that day 8 years ago. It still stings and I miss her everyday. That day was even extra hard because of all the flowers that may seem sweet to the couples or whatever but all I remember are the flowers I gave on my abuela’s grave in the States. February 14 can never really be the same for me again. Last Thursday, my friends still, as always, managed to make me happy that day! We pigged out on home cooked food, Army Navy and chocolates!

Anyway, it’s almost 1am now and I’m practically half asleep but as usual, this has been fun! I’ll be making comeback posts, I promise! ‘Til next time!

Yours ’til the cup cakes