NYE 2012 in Thrilla Manila

eccedentesiastbiyatch:  pinoytumblr:  New Year in the Philippines The view of the Metro Manila skyline from Monterey Hills in San Mateo, Rizal. Photographed by: Paolo Nacpil (capturedphotos)  wow! :)

This is the view of Metro Manila from the hills of San Mateo, Rizal. Amazing. Photographed by Paolo Nacpil.

My family usually spends New Year’s Eve in Quezon City with my relatives from my mother’s side. We have a lot of relatives from different countries who come home during this time of the year and we all end/start the year together. This year, my sister who is studying in the States visited and we won’t be spending this season together again until 2015, so. One time though, my family celebrated NYE in Edsa Shangri-La hotel, which was amazing!!! Anyway, here are some snap shots of my NYE 2012!

DSC02120 DSC02127 DSC02145 DSC02146 DSC02147 DSC02148 DSC02149 DSC02150 2012-12-31 23.40.25 2012-12-31 23.43.10 2012-12-31 23.43.13 2012-12-31 23.53.35

Hope you guys had an awesome New Year’s Eve and a 2013 ahead! x


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