It’s Gonna Be A Happy New Year

tumblr_mfgrwjcpv11qj97qzo1_500Photo 1872 Photo 1869 Photo 1874

Having fun in my outfit! Just a sneak peak tee hee. Top from Folded and Hung, tank top from Zara, skirt from Cotton On. Jalo der stripes!

Photo 1870

It’s new year’s eve! I can’t believe that another year has already gone by. 2012 seemed super fast that I wasn’t able to keep track of things anymore. Thank God for my Keep Calm planner though. Ehe. Well, I’m not sure I’m making any resolutions again this year but all I want is for things to be better than the ones I experienced this year. I’ve gone through so many ups and downs which helped me become stronger *cue in singing “stronger than yesterday” by tomorrow! haha* so I’m ready for whatever 2013 slaps in my face this time. Hope you guys stay safe! Enjoy the fireworks! ‘Til next year x


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