2,500 Views In November

It’s the last day of November and we’ve got 25 days before Christmas! I really appreciate all the love even though I’ve been M.I.A. the entire month.




This month has been a real challenge. I had to run so many errands for Therapeutic Currents, the official publication of UST CRS since I’m the new associate editor. I had to study everyday because it’s already the second semester and I was a real slob last sem. I felt lonely/depressed from Nov. 17-22, partly because my family wasn’t able to visit me that Saturday and I was by myself in the condo. Went drinking 3 times this month and the first one gave me a really bad hangover, which lasted for a day actually.

I need to blog soon or else I’ll go crazy! But when I checked the views, I felt really happy and grateful. I promise to update soon!!! First shifting exams are coming up so wish me luck! x


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