Heads Up, Sem Break’s Up

Well that was fast. Sem break 2012 is almost over and tomorrow’s my last hoorah before I start [stu]dying slowly again. I’m so happy that I was able to accomplish a bunch of things in the past 3 weeks. Let’s break it down:

  1. Had an amazing day/night out with my friends a.k.a Shang and Mercato hopping
  2. Became a human barricade for the La Naval. Ouch. My feet died since I had to stand, and be pushed around, for 4 hours
  3. Had an overnight stay at Fontana, Pampanga with PAG
  4. Had a home service massage
  5. Celebrated my little sister’s birthday
  6. Swam and hit the gym at Eastwood City
  7. Went to the Inkblots workshop for 3 days
  8. Enrolled for the second sem! Yey I’m finally moving on! Haha
  9. Watched This Guy’s In Love With You, Sinister, Suddenly It’s Magic, and Skyfall (watching Wreck-It Ralph on Wednesday too)
  10. Read Ten Things We Did in 2 days
  11. Caught up with my fave tv shows
  12. Stayed for 4 days at a friend’s beach house in Calatagan, Batangas with my MY buddies
  13. Got sick and lost my voice… ew
  14. Shopping!!! Mostly for back to school things but still

AND JUST A HEAD’S UP! Sadly, I’ll have to limit my blogging time for about a month and a half but I’ll definitely try squeezing in some posts (which will definitely be interesting… as usual πŸ˜‰ haha!) So while I’m super busy going back as a student/associate editor of my college’s magazine/keeping myself updated with my favorite series, have a lovely time staring at my face!Β It’s Andy Warhol inspired so. Oh and feel free to follow me on twitter:Β @cookielle.

I’ll be back!!! x


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