2,500 Views In November

It’s the last day of November and we’ve got 25 days before Christmas! I really appreciate all the love even though I’ve been M.I.A. the entire month.




This month has been a real challenge. I had to run so many errands for Therapeutic Currents, the official publication of UST CRS since I’m the new associate editor. I had to study everyday because it’s already the second semester and I was a real slob last sem. I felt lonely/depressed from Nov. 17-22, partly because my family wasn’t able to visit me that Saturday and I was by myself in the condo. Went drinking 3 times this month and the first one gave me a really bad hangover, which lasted for a day actually.

I need to blog soon or else I’ll go crazy! But when I checked the views, I felt really happy and grateful. I promise to update soon!!! First shifting exams are coming up so wish me luck! x


Happy Thanksgiving 2012!

So, I don’t really celebrate thanksgiving day here in Manila because I celebrate it EVERYDAY! YEY! Loljk but since it’s a special holiday in the U.S. where a lot of my relatives reside in, here’s a super ughnnoying but hilarious video on Thanksgiving Day. Enjoy… if you can ๐Ÿ˜‰ Haha!


Heads Up, Sem Break’s Up

Well that was fast. Sem break 2012 is almost over and tomorrow’s my last hoorah before I start [stu]dying slowly again. I’m so happy that I was able to accomplish a bunch of things in the past 3 weeks. Let’s break it down:

  1. Had an amazing day/night out with my friends a.k.a Shang and Mercato hopping
  2. Became a human barricade for the La Naval. Ouch. My feet died since I had to stand, and be pushed around, for 4 hours
  3. Had an overnight stay at Fontana, Pampanga with PAG
  4. Had a home service massage
  5. Celebrated my little sister’s birthday
  6. Swam and hit the gym at Eastwood City
  7. Went to the Inkblots workshop for 3 days
  8. Enrolled for the second sem! Yey I’m finally moving on! Haha
  9. Watched This Guy’s In Love With You, Sinister, Suddenly It’s Magic, and Skyfall (watching Wreck-It Ralph on Wednesday too)
  10. Read Ten Things We Did in 2 days
  11. Caught up with my fave tv shows
  12. Stayed for 4 days at a friend’s beach house in Calatagan, Batangas with my MY buddies
  13. Got sick and lost my voice… ew
  14. Shopping!!! Mostly for back to school things but still

AND JUST A HEAD’S UP! Sadly, I’ll have to limit my blogging time for about a month and a half but I’ll definitely try squeezing in some posts (which will definitely be interesting… as usual ๐Ÿ˜‰ haha!) So while I’m super busy going back as a student/associate editor of my college’s magazine/keeping myself updated with my favorite series, have a lovely time staring at my face!ย It’s Andy Warhol inspired so. Oh and feel free to follow me on twitter:ย @cookielle.

I’ll be back!!! x

Fontana 2012

Last October 15-16, the Performing Arts Guild went to Fontana Resort in Clark, Pampanga! Wee! It was so much fun that until now, I still have a hangover (not literally. Haha!) We rented a villa with 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a spare room and spare bathroom, a kitchen, a living room, a dining area and a swimming pool. Among the 50+ members, only about 20 people went. We met up in school then drove to our org president’s house to have lunch. We bought our food and “drinks” *wink wink* at the groceries then drove to the resort, which actually took us another hour.

Chilling in the med pav while waiting for the others

Ehe. Spot the difference! HAHA love you guys!

While some people got our food, the rest of usย kids played hide and seek, card games, and Slender Man! Haha! It was super hilarious! That was just the beginning of a very loooooong and crazy night ahead!

I took this photo! Haha! I swam afterwards but the water was crazy cold! A bunch of us jumped in after some drinks and beer pong. The house was… kinda… trashed. But we fixed it a bit!!! Haha!

This event marked the beginning of a very fruitful and awesome semestral break! What a way to start it! Last October 22-24, I, along with 6 other people, represented my college in INKBLOTS, a journalism workshop held in my university. It was so much fun too! Then from October 26-29, I went to Calatagan, Batangas with my MY buddies! Hopefully I get to blog about that, even though most of our photos were from photobooth. We actually made a music video too using video star. Haha! I just love holidays. 3 more days ’til second sem starts! Eek! x