I Want To Put Up My Own Statue Of Liberty Holding A Laptop


I am so frustrated all over twitter because of the Cybercrime Prevention Law issue. I actually wonder if by writing this I’ll get jailed for some time or have to pay a million pesos as penalty. I cannot believe that they’re trying to take away a source of joy and freedom from the youth, something we can’t expect at all from the government. I admit it – I am a tv show junkie and since I’m here in the Philippines, I was really happy that I still got to watch the shows I love since they’re all foreign shows. School already drives me crazy and these shows have kept me sane. Honestly, shopping and spa do the trick too but dang son not everyone can afford R&R every single day. Simple things like getting to see your favorite characters end up together or finally watching a season you’ve been waiting for in 6 months instantly brings out happiness in a person… happiness in me. This is my opinion. And according to the law, I might not even be able to say what I want in a few short months if it gets passed. Before making any more efforts to pass this bill, I just pray that the gov’t officials responsible for this take note that, um, a lot of us just turned 18 this year a.k.a we get to vote in the next elections. Just saying. x


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