Little Things by One Direction

I already talked about this on my twitter two days ago but it deserves to be blogged about! WEE! I love the lyrics of this song because really, love can be found in the craziest places, even in ‘little things’. It kind of reminds me of the quote from Zombieland (EHE I had to squeeze this in… HAPPY HALLOWEEN!) which says “Enjoy The Little Things”. When it comes to the people you love, you can’t dislike a person just because of one little thing that may seem odd or away from the norm. That’s what makes them unique. That’s what makes them themselves. That’s what makes them complete. If you can’t fight for the person you love, how will you know if you really loved at all? Now, if you’re the one who’s afraid that people might not like you for the little things that seem different, don’t be. According to 1 John 4:18, “Perfect love drives out fear”. Just be you because just like what Dr. Seuss said, “There is no one alive who is youer than you”. Own up to the little things you have and you’ll see that it’ll bring you love and happiness. x


Ronan by Taylor Swift

Tay Swift is at it again. The country-pop star is dedicating a special song to a young boy, Ronan Thompson, who lost his life to neuroblastoma (cancer that develops from nerve tissue) last year.


I just discovered this song today since well, I’ve been living under a rock. When I watched this video and googled the story behind the song’s title, I couldn’t help but shed a tear… actually, lots of tears. I remembered my grandmother who succumbed to pancreatic cancer on February 14, 2005. So, it’s kind of hard to look at Valentine’s day the same way again. The last time I saw her was when I was around 9 years old and I didn’t know that she was already very sick. My two cents: take advantage of every moment you have with the people you love. Abuela, I love you to the moon and back too.Β x

Wedding Bells by Nick Jonas Preview

I cannot believe I’m only hearing about this song now. Before, I was such a huge Miley & Nick fan because well, I haven’t seen the gorgeousness of Liam Hemsworth yet. But now, I’m all for Miley & Liam because a.) they’re both super attractive together and b.) they look like they’re so head over heels for each other which is all I would ever want for myself too. I do hope they stay together though. Apparently, Liam is not too happy with “Wedding Bells” because he thinks it’s Nick’s song to Miley.



It’s All Fun And Games Until There’s Intuition In The Crocodile

Okay, so the title really doesn’t make any sense, but it seems like these days, everything is going a little bit crazy. For one, IT’S MY SEMESTRAL BREAK! Finally! I’ve been waiting for it since the start of the year! Tee hee! To start it off, I had a day/night out with my group of friends in college by hitting the mall to watch a movie and go window shopping, then later at night, we went food tripping in Mercato. I also got a henna there! Then from Monday-Tuesday, the org in which I belong too and I went to Fontana in Pampanga. Updates (slash rants) are constantly found in my twitter. Anyway, enough about me (well, one of these days. Hehe) Let’s move on to the promos for next week! I can’t wait!!!


Silver having to choose between Liam and Navid is really getting on my nerves. Navid was the clear choice but she broke his heart and now he’s a douche. Great. Liam on the other hand has become some sort of criminal; burning buildings to the ground and pushing people to the ground. What is up with that? I’m pretty sure Vanessa is still alive because you can’t kill a devil, especially if you’ve made a deal with it. Annie needs to straighten Liam out because let’s face it, they’re the perfect couple. Well, next to Naomi and Max. Which reminds me, Max needs to get a haircut asap or else I’m thinking that he became gay in college and hooked up with his business partner (whose name I can’t remember bec. he’s so damn irrelevant) I honestly think that Adrianna should get it back on with Taylor bec. damn, he’s super fine. Dixon was a real tool and he became a bigger one after the accident. I can honestly say that I was ready for him to die. WTF happened?! He should stop complaining and be thankful he’s alive bec. the three other guys he was with didn’t survive. Just work harder at the physical therapy center. Oh and Teddy, please don’t leave. 90210 is so awesome but the characters are so damn stupid. I guess that’s what I like about it. Woks.



Once Upon A Time

The whole parent-child scenes really moved me. I cried so much with Charming and mother, Snow and Emma (especially when Snow was looking at the room and reminisced about how it looked before), and Jefferson and Grace (especially them). Cue in my best friend Kleenex. It was such a good episode! And look at the promo for next week! Captain Hook is so damn flawless OHEM.


I Want To Put Up My Own Statue Of Liberty Holding A Laptop


I am so frustrated all over twitter because of the Cybercrime Prevention Law issue. I actually wonder if by writing this I’ll get jailed for some time or have to pay a million pesos as penalty. I cannot believe that they’re trying to take away a source of joy and freedom from the youth, something we can’t expect at all from the government. I admit it – I am a tv show junkie and since I’m here in the Philippines, I was really happy that I still got to watch the shows I love since they’re all foreign shows. School already drives me crazy and these shows have kept me sane. Honestly, shopping and spa do the trick too but dang son not everyone can afford R&R every single day. Simple things like getting to see your favorite characters end up together or finally watching a season you’ve been waiting for in 6 months instantly brings out happiness in a person… happiness in me. This is my opinion. And according to the law, I might not even be able to say what I want in a few short months if it gets passed. Before making any more efforts to pass this bill, I just pray that the gov’t officials responsible for this take note that, um, a lot of us just turned 18 this year a.k.a we get to vote in the next elections. Just saying. x