The Perks Of Being A Wallflower Trailer

This is so exciting! Woo! Anyway, I have been totally M.I.A these past days because of intense training (it was even extended on weekends!) and I just moved in my new condo in Dapitan st., Manila. Getting hold of internet is also very hard and the internet available in the lobby is hard to come by. Once day its there and the next, evanesco. I have never really experienced being a wallflower and I’m kinda liking the vibe of my new blockmates! I was super scared (but nervous at the same time) about college but so far, so… tiring! Haha! My mom made me wear heels and I have to walk around everywhere. I’m forming blisters already. Ugh. Anyway, yey for internet and this trailer! Huhu I just saw it now and I can’t wait to watch it soon! x