For The Love Of Friends, Fashion, And The Greater Good

The Adventures of Noobra and Tim Sha Tsui

One more day before I’m legal!!! Ew. Not just because I know I’m getting older but because tomorrow also marks the one-week countdown before school starts. I’m so nervous and excited at the same time! Anyway, I’m having my 18th birthday semi-formal tomorrow at Cafe 1771 with close family and friends. Since my cray friend Kiesha can’t make it because she has school the next day, she totally made it up to me today! It was so much fun! Take note: I’m not as maarte as some people make me out to be. First of all, I think jeepneys are cute. Didn’t ride one though today but I’d just like to point out that I can commute (because I’m also very aggressive, so bad people, better watch out. Hehe). I took 2 train rides to DLSU to meet up with Kieshiebabes then we took a cab to Mall of Asia. The sun was blazing hot and Kiesh and I were drowning in sweat. We still looked sane I guess. Tee hee. This girl and I have spontaneous in our name. We tried out Chicken Charlie, which is heaven by the way, and got drinks in the department store because we were too lazy to walk any further. We ate our meal inside the loft a.k.a. MoA’s air-conditioned ferris wheel! It goes around only once and it’s P150. It was super funny when Kiesh moved to my side of our cart because the thing was swinging! We were screaming so much and laughing our butts off!

We also went to Gong Cha and I ordered Gong Cha Milk Winter Melon Tea and it was super delish! I pretended to be Portuguese and said that my name was Noobra. It was so funny because when the guy heard me say it, he was like “I’m sorry, what?” like 3 times. Then when I got my drink, I went all Portuguese on him and said obrigado. Yes, I know my language. Haha! Then when it was Kiesha’s turn to say her name, she said Tim Sha Tsui so fast with a Chinese accent and the guy, again, was like “okay one order for this girl with no name.” He probably asked Kiesh to repeat her name more than he asked for mine. When she got her drink, she ran outside, I followed her and we both burst into laughter! HAHA yes, we cray. We also watched Men in Black 3, which was super hilarious! I recommend you guys to watch it in 3D!


Kiesha and I also went to SUPERB at the SMX convention center. To be honest, this has only been the third time that I’ve gone to a SuperSale bazaar and I’ve missed it! They had so many amazing deals! I bought 2 necklaces from MFS, shades from Holic Accessories, an envelope bag at Satchi Store and loafers from My Shoe Keeper. I made sure to control myself because I just went shopping at Forever21 last Wednesday and bought a dress at Warehouse last Thursday. Don’t forget that tomorrow is the last day of Superb so shop away!


Kiesh and I had an amazing discovery today! We were actually walking towards La Senza (lol) but then we stopped at a stall of Greater Good, which aims to use nature friendly materials and promote nationalism. I got a muscle tee from their store and it came with a messenger bag that’s made from abaca! Awesome! Greater Good Apparel can be found in Mall of Asia, one is in front of La Senza (2nd floor) and another one near the music hall, beside Accessorize (1st floor) where they have the cutest changing room!

Have an awesome weekend ahead! x


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