The More, The Merrier: Pretty Little Liars Season 3 New Stuff

I am oh so happy that Pretty Little Liars is returning soon! To be honest, since I’m a tv-junkie, I didn’t really notice how fast time went by (because PLL is returning in less than a month!) since I was busy drowning in tears with the other season finales of my fave shows. Ehem who didn’t cry in Grey’s Anatomy right? And How I Met Your Mother… wtf I’m still betting that my ship will sail *ted and robin ted and robin ted and robin* 90210 was flawless. Pure awesomeness *max and naomi max and naomi max and naomi* Now that most of my other fave shows are gone for the meantime, I have PLL! Hoorah! More on season 3 here and here!

I like the new look of Hanna and… not yet sure for Aria’s.

Hello there my beautiful Wren.

Um excuse you but who are you?

Who thinks that Ezra is part of the A-team???





Glad that Jason is back! Btw, why is Holden still here? Hmm… A-TEAM!!! Loljk I just treat everyone as a suspect so, forgive me for jumping into conclusions. Haha.

Spencer’s dad is such a dilf.

New guy named Nate… is he blind? Serious question. He’s with Jenna so, here I am again jumping into conclusions. Haha.




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