Celebrate the most coveted week in Philippine fashion with SUPERB!

Superb Flier

From the makers of SuperSale Bazaar, we would like to invite you to SUPERB – the most prestigious shopping event in Philippine fashion. We celebrate the most coveted sartorial week in the metro with a 5-day bazaar housing upcoming designers and local RTW brands. It will be a sneak peek of their latest pre-fall collections with a hint of summer items!

Tell your friends about the hottest bazaar and hashtag #SUPERBbySuperSale

Get 1 free eco-friendly bag, and the chance to win from the raffle draw every hour!!!
  • We’ll be giving away Ensembles/Freeway/Solo GCs, Moonshine GCs, Burgoo GCs, PicturePerfect Booth GCs, Queen Street bags, MADE Bespoke Denims, and a WHOLE LOT MORE!!!
  • We have everything from electronics, toys and clothes to high end designer items, to event services, makeup and custom made items!
  • There’s something to fit EVERY BUDGET with over 200 brands to choose from you’re sure to find the great deals you’re looking for!
Present the flier at the entrance and get 20% off entrance fee!!!
(if you dont know where to get your hands on a flier feel free to print it out at home)

Get in for free by:
1) Present a Fastrack waybill from anytime in Feb-March
2) Buy a copy of the latest Metro Magazine at the entrance (for 1st 1,000 only)
3) log on to www.dealdozen.com for a free ticket while supplies last!:)
There will be Sunday mass at 3pm so you won’t have to miss mass when you go shopping! Shop for a cause as proceeds of ticket sales go to World Vision!
Brought to you by:
PicturePerfect booth
Major sponsors:
Deal Dozen
Chicken Charlie
Bloggers United
MADE Bespoke Denims
Media Partners:
Magic 89.9
Metro Magazine
Philippine Daily Inquirer
Velvet Channel
[from my email]
So what more could you be looking for? See you there! x

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