Zalora Grand Launch Party


Last May 4-6, I was in Tagaytay a.k.a I was super M.I.A., and when I got home, I was greeted by good news! Nuffnang sent me an invite to Zalora Philippines‘ Grand Launch. I first heard about Zalora from my sister who knew one of the people who managed this magical retail store. Why magical? Well, first and foremost, shipping is free to anywhere in the Philippines and you get your products 3 hours after you order them! They have almost anything from our favorite foreign and local brands! Cool right!?! That’s why I encourage you guys to #ShopatZALORA.

Anyway, since I have dance classes from 4-6, I totally panicked because I had no idea how I would prepare. We even ended the session at around 6:30 so I was kinda late. Worst of all, my feet were killing me… hence, death by the dance floor. The routine was super fun though! Haha! Moving on, I took a quick shower then flashed to The Fort. It was also a cocktail party and besides being served alcohol and potatoes with salsa dip, I was flooded with popcorn! Now here are snapshots of the event!

The host for the night was Sarah Meir!

Where else would you see dancing models? So cool!

The people behind Zalora Philippines!

The place was filled by hundreds of people and everyone looked amazing! Congratulations Zalora for such a successful event and more power to you! x


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