Pre-Historic One Direction

Is it just me or has anyone else noticed that 1D’s fan base can trump Beaver’s? And who hasn’t seen their interview last time with MuchMusic wherein I suppose your ear drums exploded from all those stupid girls who wouldn’t stop screaming and not letting the flawless boys speak? THEIR FANS ARE OBSESSED…

THAT’S WHY I’M HERE! Nyehehe. I love One Direction. They are beyond hot and talented. They are super sweet to their fans that it’s insane. But ladies, know when to calm yo selves. Or else BB Harry and I will conspire on one of these again:

HAHAHA loljk. Anyway, remember my bonus post on 1D’s baby pics? Well, I did a bit more digging and lookie at pre-hottie 1D!

I am proud of BB Louis for being the most jej. Love it!

One Direction and I thank you for your time…



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