It’s Friday, Friday. Gotta Get Down On These Shows

I am about to burst out of my freaking Friday bubble. The Vampire Diaries, Community and Grey’s Anatomy are the top 3 shows people look forward to on Fridays (here in Manila) or on Thursdays (everywhere else, I guess). And their recent episodes made me squeal so many times but has left me speechless. I have so many guesses and scenarios in my head, so why don’t we look at these promos and spoilers to get a bit of that uncertainty off our minds until next week.

The Vampire Diaries 3×21 promo + spoilers

On the last few episodes (dayuuuuum I’m gonna dieeeeeeeee):

1. There will be a group funeral scene again… hopefully it’s Alaric or Bonnie… or that Jamie guy. If Klaus + Tyler die, I will kill Bonnie/Jamie’s character myself.

2. We’ll still be seeing more of Meredith but no Katherine. Producers say that they’ll only bring Katherine back if Klaus dies (makes sense). Shems this is like a major conflict of interest for me bec. I hate Elena and I want Katherine back but I don’t want Klaus to die… #majorlifechoices

3. We’ll (finally!!!) discover which original our fave vampires, Stefan, Caroline, Rose, Katherine, and Damon, originated from. So I guess they’re bringing back Scary Mary.

4. Klaus will find out that Tyler isn’t sired to him anymore! (YEY and OH NO)

5. Bros over hoes for the Salvatore brothers! Yeeeey! But since Elena is making everything about her, she’s thinking more of who she’s letting go instead of who she’s keeping. Slut.

6. Dreamy, I mean Jeremy isn’t safe from the curse of the ring. I hate you Esther.

7. Season 4 will be about moving to college life and choosing the right schools or whatever. But I guess Stefan and Caroline will feel left behind because um, they’ll be 17 forever and they can’t go to college without people noticing that.


Grey’s Anatomy 8×22 promo

Why is Jackson extremely hot? I am slapping Kepner.

Community killed off sumbodeh

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

RIP STARBURNS. (If you didn’t already know that he died) He was Greendale’s drug dealer, and sadly, it ended up being the death of him. The victim of a meth lab explosion in the trunk of his car, Starburns and his weird ways will be missed. source

How I Spent My Friday:

Anyway, before I left home today, I watched the recent episodes of these shows! It was scorching hot so my friend, Gela, and I decided to grab some milk tea before our training in ODS. After intense practice and working out, we had dinner at Kimono Ken! It was fun girla! ‘Til our next bonding day! Say hello to our post training looks! Sorry for unleashing our inner jej in that last pic. Tee hee.

P.S. Have you guys seen my college schedule for my first sem of my freshman year? Can someone say el terible?



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